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    Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Art Lens

    Lomography usually lives in their own little arthouse world of fisheye lenses and analog cameras, but they’re stepping out of their comfort zone a little to do something for the DSLR owners out there – a brand new and no less artsy DSLR lens. The New Petzval Art Lens is based on, well, the old […]

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    Lomography Diana Baby 110 Camera is Bite-Sized

    Lomography can be described as the antithesis to modern digital photography. It is a movement that favors analog cameras to digital cameras and quick, spontaneous shots to the carefully measured and framed shots taken by many DSLR proponents.

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    La Sardina Belle Starr is the Six Shooter of Lomography Cameras

    I’ll skip the obvious anti-mainstream hipster jokes, and get to the point – this camera is for the old at heart who love the beautiful imperfections that arise from using low-tech gear. Lomography cameras are basically analog cameras that produce pictures rife with blurring, odd coloring, and light leaks. The result is an Instagram photo […]

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    Special Edition Fisheye Hello Kitty Lomography Camera

    Once again Sanrio will slap Hello Kitty on just about anything, and this time it is a Lomography Camera. The Fisheye One Hello Kitty Edition has  a 170-degree Fisheye perspective in a compact circle. It sports the signature Hello Kitty red and blue colors as well has Ms. Kitty herself on the back and front […]