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    BluDrive Plus Hooks the Mac Pro Up With a Blu-ray Drive and 2 TB of Storage

    There’s no debating that the new Mac Pro introduced last year is a beast, but the lack of a Blu-ray drive did bum some out. Storage space—between 256 GB and 1 TB—was also a little disappointing, considering how much Mac Pros are used for heavy-duty video and audio editing and producing. Fortunately, NuMac kills two […]

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    Looking For a Way to Tote Around Your Mac Pro?

    Think cases are just for Apple’s mobile devices? Oh, no. They go all the way up. There’s now a backpack case for you to tote your Mac Pro around, along with all your accessories. The Mac Pro fits snugly into the nylon Mac Pro Go Case, which is great, because if you just carried the […]