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    Esquire and Barnes and Noble Wants to Help You Find Brooklyn Decker

    That silly thing called augmented reality….it’s just getting all over the place that its almost becoming gimmicky but I guess if it involves high-end magazines and models, guys will go for it. Won’t you fellas? Esquire, today unveiled its collaboration with GoldRun, an augmented reality platform, to create two interactive adventures using “geo-tagging” technology.

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    Barnes & Noble Nook Color Review

    We’ve been impatiently waiting for a serious color e-reader for a long, long time. Monochrome e-readers have been out for a while now, and a few color e-readers have even popped up recently, but none of these recent color e-readers have had enough polish to really be desirable. When Barnes & Noble announced the Nook […]

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    MAGHOUND Review

    I might be a blogger, but I still love magazines. A little while ago we gave away subscriptions to MAGHOUND, a new service that can best be described as Netflix for Magazines. For a monthly fee as low as $4.95, you can get 3 magazines delivered to your mail box. But what makes MAGHOUND special […]