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    Australian-Made Bionic Spine Could Help The Paralyzed Walk Again

    As always, the very coolest research in tech is being done in the medical field. Today, word’s getting out about an exciting new procedure that could help those paralyzed walk with the help of bionics and exoskeletons. It’s elegant, minimally invasive, and human trials could start as soon as next year. The procedure was developed […]

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    Will Avatars Replace Doctors?

    Well, no. Not yet, anyway. But, Geppetto Avatars just might have something that could make medical help a little more readily accessible.

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    Mazel Tov, Israel Equips Their Doctors with iPads

    Ironic is the perfect word for this latest news story. Israel of all places, specifically the Mayanei Hayeshua Medical Center in Bnei Brak, is the first Israeli hospital to give an iPad to its doctors, to use both in the hospital and outside of it. This is of-course quite amusing considering that only a few […]

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    StressEraser Claims to Releave Your Tension on the Go

    We’re all stressed most of the time. Tis’ the nature of the plight of modern man. There are plenty of stress relieving gadgets such as sound machines and electric massagers, but we haven’t come across any that truly helped ease our stress levels. The StressEraser claims to be an an award winning handheld biofeedback medical […]