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    Spin the Dreidel with Jessica Swift’s Case-Mate iPhone 4S Cases

    It’s called the holiday season for a reason – it’s not just Christmas that’s around the corner. Get ready to ring in Hanukkah 2011 with a new iPhone 4S case from designer Jessica Swift. The Light the Menorah hard case looks ready to ring in the festivities come December 20th. Swift has a few other […]

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    Hanukkah Gets Geeky with Keyboard Keys Menorah

    It’s never too early to start dusting off the dreidel and getting ready for Hanukkah season. This year, Hanukkah finally manages to go geek for the 21st century. This menorah is made up of computer keyboard keys spelling out Hanukkah 8 (I guess they had to put something on that extra key), and is a […]