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    Microsoft Just Made Windows Available as a Subscription for Businesses

    They’ve been building up to it for a while, and now Microsoft is finally ready to make Windows as a whole into a subscription. Don’t worry if you’re a home user, though — Microsoft’s not going to be hounding you for monthly shakedowns. The new Microsoft 365 packages are made for businesses, combining Microsoft’s many enterprise […]

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    Ashen is an Upcoming Xbox One Indie RPG About Navigating the Darkness

    How do you survive in a sunless world? You’ll have to answer that in Ashen, an indie RPG in development for the Xbox One and Windows 10. The slow-paced open world action game has, perhaps appropriately, not seen much sunlight since it was announced at E3 2015. The developers at Aurora 44 were ready to shine […]

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    Microsoft Surface Laptop Review

    Microsoft has been killing it lately, but many of their great recent hardware announcements have been geared towards the prosumer. That’s why we were so excited to test the Surface Laptop, which is designed with students in mind. But after spending nearly a week with it, we can testify to the fact that more than […]

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    The Xbox One X is a High-Powered Console that Delivers 4K Gaming at 60 FPS

    Microsoft got their E3 started with a bang, revealing the new console that up until now had been codenamed Project Scorpio. That console is called the Xbox One X, and as everyone suspected, it’s capable of delivering gaming in HDR, 4K resolution, and 60 frames per second. That’s the gold standard for gaming right now, […]

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    Seagate’s Xbox Game Drive Gets Tweaked for Xbox Game Pass

    Now that Xbox Game Pass is here, Seagate thinks you might need a bit more storage. A subscription service that covers some Xbox 360 and Xbox One games under one monthly fee, Game Pass might get gamers to install a lot more games on their consoles than before, so Seagate might have a point. They’re […]

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    Microsoft Renames Their Live-Streaming Service to Mixer, Adds Co-op Streaming

    Now that watching other people play video games has become an entertainment staple, we’re seeing a surge of interest in live streaming platforms. YouTube is huge, of course, and the most prominent independent streaming platform, Twitch, was snapped up by Amazon back in 2014. Last year, Microsoft bought one of their own, acquiring Beam and […]

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    Xbox Game Pass is Here, and It’s Basically Netflix for Xbox Games

    Netflix for Xbox is finally here. No, we don’t mean that literally — actual Netflix has been on the Xbox for a while. What’s arriving now is a Netflix-like subscription streaming service for Xbox games. It’s called Xbox Game Pass, and after a limited launch to Xbox Insider members, it’s ready to go for the public. […]

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    Microsoft Announces New Lighter Surface Pro With Longer Battery Life, and Improved Pen

    Forget about numbers. Microsoft chose not to call their latest device the Surface Pro 5, simply calling their new detachable 2-in-1 the Surface Pro. Announced today in Shanghai, the new device isn’t much different from its predecessor. It’s mostly a hardware upgrade, although there are some little changes that might make artists happier — or more […]

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    Microsoft is Turning Their Stores into Classrooms With STEM Saturdays

    Don’t have any plans this Saturday? If you show up at a Microsoft Store, you can get a crash course on the inner workings of the greatest computer interface device of all — the human hand! It’s the first course in Microsoft’s new STEM Saturdays program, which is putting on fun STEM workshops in Microsoft Stores […]

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    Minecraft Now Has a Marketplace Where Players Can Mine for Real Dollars

    Starting today, there are more ways to make money off Minecraft then just nailing down the preteen demo with your gameplay stream. Microsoft has opened the doors of the Minecraft Marketplace, a new in-game feature that allows players to sell their creations. Minecraft has long had an active modding community, with players creating custom maps, textures, minigames, and […]

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    Windows Vista Has Finally Been Laid to Rest

    They say Microsoft always follows a good operating system with a bad one. Well, Windows XP was one of the best operating systems ever for its time, so it’s only fitting that its successor was an epic dud. Windows Vista was one of Microsoft’s many infamous operating system disasters, and while it lasted only a […]

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    It’s Official; Folks Like Microsoft Tablets Better Than iPads

    Apple just lost a talking point for their next press conference. Customer satisfaction gurus J.D. Power just released the results of its look at the tablet market for 2017, and found that Microsoft is now leading the way with its Surface hybrids. Microsoft shouldn’t get too comfortable — out of a possible 1,000 points, Microsoft scored […]

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    Microsoft 5th Ave Store Now Has a Massive Digital Art Display

    Tech companies do love their artist collaborations, and the latest one might be the biggest yet. Like, just in terms of size — the flagship Fifth Avenue Microsoft retail store in New York just got a fresh new facade thanks to Brooklyn-based artist Tabor Robak. How big are we talking? Robak’s new digital piece, “Sundial,” covers […]