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    Nokia Phones Are Making a Comeback

    Do you miss the sturdy-as-a-brick heyday of the Nokia feature phone? Well, those days are back. Kinda. Nokia-branded feature phones are back on sale, starting with the new Nokia 216, but they’re not being made by Nokia. Well, they kinda are. It’s a long story. Try to stay with us on this. Microsoft purchased Nokia’s […]

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    Microsoft Uses Minecraft To Teach Kids To Code

    Code.org runs a program called Hour of Code, which aims to make computer programming more accessible and fun for students across the nation. The core of the program are coding tutorials disguised as bite-sized games. Unlike most games, students must input a string of commands beforehand, then watch as their character does what they told them to […]

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    Microsoft Announces Updated Surface Book With a Performance Base

    The biggest Microsoft announcements at yesterday’s press event were the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update and the Surface Studio AIO, but the company also had news about their high-end 2-in-1 notebook, the Surface Book. Announced last October, the 13.5″ Surface Book was positioned as a MacBook Pro competitor, with a large high-resolution display that could […]

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    Windows 10 Creators Update Turns Everyone Into a 3D Artist

    Microsoft had a lot to say about hardware at their press event today, but tying everything together was the next big update to Windows 10. Coming sometime early next year, the Creators Update takes advantage of the Surface products, including the new Studio all-in-one PC, the Xbox One, and HoloLens, to give users a whole […]

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    Microsoft Releases NFL Team Type Covers for the Surface Pro

    The NFL season is about to get underway (does it ever really end?), and this year, Microsoft has a little something for football fans and Surface Pro owners. They’ve made Surface Pro Type Covers for all 32 NFL teams, avoiding the temptation to just make a Seahawks cover and call it a day. Microsoft Stores […]

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    These Latest Office 365 Features Are Awesome News for Students

    This is the part where we get to complain about kids these days. Microsoft is pushing out a handful of new features to Office 365 this month, and while Outlook and PowerPoint are both getting decent upgrades, it’s the new toys being added to Word that are really going to make students’ lives easier. If […]

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    Microsoft is Giving Away a Free Xbox One to Surface Buying Students

    In one way, I pity kids today — the specter of back-to-school shopping is hanging over them just about from the minute they step out of school for the summer. I don’t feel too bad, though, because back-to-school deals have gotten a lot better than the office supply store discounting pencils. Take Microsoft, which is taking […]

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    The Huawei MateBook 2-in-1 PC Will Be Available July 11

    That Huawei 2-in-1 with the luxurious trappings we saw at MWC this year now has an official release date. The 12″ Huawei MateBook tablet/PC hybrid will be available in the United States and Canada on July 11, along with the bevy of related accessories Huawei has prepared. The lightweight 12″ MateBook is a 2-in-1 of […]

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    You Can Now Schedule a Meeting at Starbucks Using Outlook

    There really is nothing outside the reach of Starbucks. Microsoft and the omnipresent coffee chain have teamed up for an Outlook plugin that will make it extremely easy to send out gift cards and set up meetings, provided that those meetings take place at one of Starbucks’ more corporeal locations. Back when Office 2016 came […]

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    Microsoft to Acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

    For a while, we thought we’d seen the last of that run of lavish, billion-dollar business acquisitions. It seemed like the app market was slowing down, hardware was plateauing, and that maybe major players would be a little more gun shy after some high-profile and very costly acquisition failures in the tech world. Well, Microsoft […]

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    Minecraft: Education Edition is Now Available to Teachers

    Remember when Microsoft bought up an educational Minecraft mod to release it as a fully-fledged educational platform? They’ve been hard at work on it since January’s deal, and now it sounds like the work has paid off. Microsoft is releasing Minecraft: Education Edition for free as an early access version to educators around the globe. It’s like putting virtual […]

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    Microsoft Cuts More Jobs and is Likely Ending the Lumia Line

    Credit Microsoft for trying, but the Windows Phone experiment is done in its current form, and it’s wreaking havoc on a lot of lives as a result. This week, Microsoft wrote off yet another massive loss and announced another round of job cuts in a move that essentially ends Microsoft’s involvement with Nokia’s handset division, which […]

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    Microsoft Wants Us All to Have Access to Bot Butlers

    Cortana’s about to get some company, if Microsoft’s Build developer’s conference is any indication. During yesterday’s keynote, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and others spoke about the future of the Windows 10 platform, including plans to create intelligent bots to take over the minutia of everyday life. Robot butlers are right around the corner. For starters, […]

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    Xbox One Is Going To Become More PC-Like

    Shortly after Microsoft first introduced Windows 10, they revealed that the new operating system was going to be something more than just a PC platform. Microsoft detailed plans for a unified Windows experience — Windows 10 running on all Microsoft hardware, including phones, tablets, PCs, and even the Xbox and the experimental HoloLens. That raised […]

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    Fetch! App Tells You What Dog Breed You Look Like

    Maybe you love looking at your friends’ puppy photos on Facebook but don’t know your schnauzers from your dobermans — no need to worry, because Microsoft has your back. Microsoft Garage, the more experimental arm of the tech giant, has created an app called Fetch! that can identify dog breeds in pictures that you upload. […]