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    Microsoft Hyperlapse Makes Videos Smoother

    We all know the problem with vacation pictures—we take so many that no one really wants to look through them all afterwards. It’s the same deal for action cam videos—that five-hour hike up the mountain was pretty awesome when you were living it, but your hike was not as exciting as the extended version of […]

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    Microsoft Brings Office Lens to Android and iOS Devices for Free

    Microsoft launched Office Lens last year on Windows Phone to much acclaim. The app uses your phone’s camera to scan documents and convert them into document files, but was a little more feature rich than even many of the paid third-party options out there. Now, Android and iOS users get to see what Office Lens […]

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    Microsoft Band Review

    Microsoft has a fitness band? You better believe it because the Microsoft Band is one of the best wearables on the market right now. The Band is loaded up with just about every feature, and it’s a fraction of the price of the soon-to-be-released Apple iWatch. The Band rocks all of the popular fitness/health features […]

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    Microsoft Mobile Guide: Which Lumia is Right for you?

    Give a fixed-gear bicycle to your 9-to-5 dad, a signed copy of Yeezus to grandma, and a silk pastel scarf to your anti-establishment cousin, and let me know how it goes. As tempting as it might be to try that little social experiment, the gifts usually go down better when gifts match personalities. And, with smartphones—the consensus […]

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    Microsoft Band Just Got Healthier With New Features

    Few ever get it right the first time. The Microsoft Band, designed to be the fitness tracker/smartwatch complement to Lumia smartphones, launched late last year. At the time, it had its share of holes when it came to features, but Microsoft is looking to set that right with today’s update to Band and the Microsoft […]

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    Budget Phones Have Never Been This Good

    It wasn’t all that long ago when budget phones were synonymous with dumb phones. But, here we are in a post-Symbian world, where dumb phones are starting to get a little scarce. Makes sense—dumb phones can’t win on price when you can get a smartphone for free on-contract, or even under $100 off-contract! Today’s budget […]

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    Microsoft HoloLens Just One-Upped Oculus Rift

    Of all the weird, wild, and wonderful and headsets we’ve seen in the past couple of years, this might be the most exciting. Just when you thought that virtual reality with the Oculus Rift was the future, Microsoft has dropped the HoloLens, showing off how exciting augmented reality can be while making everyone wonder how […]

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    Everything You Need to Know About Windows 10 Right Now

    Microsoft gave the world a very limited sneak peak at Windows 10, their upcoming operating system update, in September of last year. At that time, we found out about some cool new features like Continuum, which would detect whether users were using the OS on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, automatically adjusting the UI to […]

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    Qik Returns as Skype Qik, a New Video Messaging App

    Remember Qik? Once upon a time, it was an app that let you share or stream videos, with a little video chatting thrown in. Then, it was gone. That’s because it was bought out by Skype a few years ago, shortly before Skype was swallowed up by Microsoft. You can go pull up that image […]

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    Microsoft Buys Minecraft Creators for $2.5 Billion, Expects to Break Even by Next Year

    Do you like your independent, creative video game developers free from corporate overlord influence? Too bad. Another blow has been dealt to anti-establishment gamers everywhere—following the shocking sale of Oculus VR to Facebook for $2 billion, Microsoft has purchased Swedish game developer Mojang, creators of Minecraft, for $2.5 billion. In today’s press release, Microsoft announced […]

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    OneDrive Now with 15GB of Free Storage, Take that Dropbox!

    The cloud storage service formerly known as SkyDrive is taking a hacksaw to prices. Microsoft is bringing OneDrive prices in line with what Google Drive is offering, and making life increasingly difficult for Dropbox, which is starting to look prohibitively expensive by comparison. But first, the freebies. Microsoft will now offer 15 GB of free […]

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    Bing in the Classroom Brings Free Surface Tablets to Schools

    For all the talk of bringing technology into the classroom, there hasn’t been enough done to make that technology optimized for classroom use. One big area where that’s true is filtering and security – after all, allowing a bunch of preteens and teenagers unrestricted Internet access on school grounds might not always turn out well. […]

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    Office 365 Personal Unlocks it All for $6.99 a Month

    Just some quick Office news today – if you wanted to get in on Microsoft’s new subscription-based software, but didn’t really need licenses for ten devices, there’s a new plan just for you. Office 365 Personal includes all the same software as Office 365 Home, you just can’t use it on as many devices. Instead […]

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    Microsoft Office Arrives on iPad

    Microsoft has made a lot of noise about their services over the past year, especially where Office is concerned. We’ve seen Office go into the cloud as a service, and we’ve seen Office apps on just about every platform imaginable. All except for one, that is. Well, that’s finally changed – Microsoft Office is now […]

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    Microsoft Joins Fight Against Bear Bile Farming

    In China and much of Southeast Asia, bile from several species of bear, particularly one colloquially called the moon bear, is an expensive commodity. The bear’s bile, or its entire gall bladder, in some cases, can fetch lucrative sums on black markets, due to its reputed importance in traditional medicine. The interest in the bear’s […]