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    Verizon Adds New Prepaid Data Plans, Unlimited Smartphone Plan for $80

    Verizon Wireless has just announced several new prepaid data plans to add to their existing prepaid wireless line-up. The new plans include an Unlimited Talk, Text and 1 GB of Data Smartphone Plan for $80 per month. This monthly plan is available with the Samsung Illusion smartphone, a device running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which retails […]

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    NetZero Offers Prepaid 4G Mobile Broadband Service

    Remember NetZero? The ISP went from being a free ISP to a paid one, several years back. And now they are launching a prepaid 4G Mobile Broadband Service. The company is now offering up both a NetZero 4G HotSpot or a NetZero 4G Stick. Pricing is very competitive, as the Stick costs just $49.99 and […]

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    HP Intros DataPass Prepaid 3G Mobile Broadband for Their Laptops

    HP has introduced their new DataPass prepaid mobile broadband service inside select laptop models that come with built-in 3G. That means that instead of having to go ahead and buy a separate prepaid 3G mobile broadband service like what is available from Virgin Mobile or T-Mobile’s prepaid mobile broadband offerings, customers who have 3G in […]

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    Rover Hub Pay-as-you-go 4G Review

    As of late, 4G has become the talk of the town. Chances are you’ve seen some Clear 4G ads around town, or perhaps you’ve noticed a Clear kiosk at your local mall or Best Buy. Clear 4G offers users access to the next generation of highspeed wireless internet access without any restrictions – that means […]

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    Rover Puck Review and Rover 4G Review

    Rover is a new nationwide pay-as-you-go / prepaid 4G data service that runs on CLEAR’s WiMax network. Instead of being tied down to CLEAR’s, Sprint’s, Best Buy’s or even Time Warner’s 4G wireless data contracts, Rover lets you use this network in smaller yet affordable bites. Rover offers you unlimited 4G access for $5 a […]

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    AT&T Intros Pay-As-You-Go Data Plans for Laptops & Netbooks

    AT&T has come out with new DataConnect Pass pay-as-you-go service for their netbooks, as well as for laptops. These data plans include both 3G mobile broadband data, as well as wifi. We assume that the wifi is unlimited. The AT&T DataConnect Pass plan options include: DataConnect Day Pass (100 MB) – $15 DataConnect Week Pass […]