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    This Mouse Suffers From Serious Mood Swings

    The wired mouse is a pretty tough sell these days. Satechi is hoping that the live Pink Floyd show of the wired mouse world will lure you in. The Satechi Spectrum Mouse has LED light accents on the wheel and all around the seams and contours of the mouse. While you’re using it, you can […]

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    Logitech T400 Zone Touch Mouse Review

    When someone tries to sell you a mouse that is “optimized for Windows 8,” they’re selling a mouse that has touchscreen controls mapped onto it somewhere. Some are more robust than others. On one extreme, you have the Asus VivoMouse – a mouse that is all touchpad, with all of the standard Windows 8 touch […]

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    Logitech’s Cube is a Tiny Multitasking Mighty Mouse

    Logitech presented the Cube at CES 2012. It is a tiny little box that acts as both a mouse and a presentation tool. Use it with one side up and it is a mouse with all mice like abilities such as scrolling, clicking, and is wireless too. Flip it over on the otherside or just […]

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    Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse Features Sideways Scroll Capability

    Move over Apple Magic Mouse, Microsoft’s new Explorer Touch Mouse not only looks super slick but it also packs in neat touch capabilities. For starters, it features an advanced scroll strip for vertical and horizontal navigation. That means that the mouse has support for side-to-side swipes and five customizable buttons, plus it also packs in […]

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    GadgiT-Mat Laptop Mouse Platform Keeps Things Ergonomic

    Ok, so at first glance, the laptop mouse platform resembles something that you would find on one of those cheesy late night TV commercials. But you know what, this product has got some merit, so before you turn away, hear it out. To sum up, the GadgiT-Mat Laptop Mouse Platform is essentially a platform extension […]

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    Microsoft Teams Up with Artists for Wireless Mouse Series

    Microsoft hardware has unveiled a new series of mice that aren’t just colorful, they are actually works of art. The company’s design team actually commissioned five of their favorite artists to produce six different mice as part of the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Studio Series Artist Edition. Yep, that is a mouth full. The artwork […]

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    Ringbow is a Mouse That You Wear on Your Finger

    As much as using your fingers on a touchscreen can be efficient, when it comes to performing contextual actions, your fingers don’t always perform. That is where Ringbow’s “mouse” device comes in. The Ringbow is essentially a mouse ring for your finger that allows users to control the context for touch functions. It also servers […]