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    MTV Gave Their First Gender-Neutral Acting Award to Emma Watson

    MTV has made big changes to their annual awards show over the years! What used to be the MTV Movie Awards now encompasses movie and television, and this year they made history by combining the best actor and actress categories into one. MTV now has a single best actor award for both movies and TV […]

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    MTV Artists App Aims To Be a Hipper SoundCloud

    MTV sees VH1’s new app and raises them MTV Artists, a new app that focuses on helping you find new music and get connected to the artists who make it. MTV Artists starts with its take on music discovery. For this app, that means much more in-the-moment kind of stuff, rather than being a music […]

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    ‘NSYNC Wants You Back: Band Joins Twitter Ahead of MTV VMAs

    We hope Brooklyn doesn’t blow up tomorrow! Between the dueling pop-divas Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, and everything in between, we’re not sure that the borough can handle all of this pop-culture drama. The Barclays Center might also get another surprise in the form of an ‘NSYNC reunion. But are you ready to have your […]

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    iWave and MTV Launch Headphones and iPod Accessories

    Well MTV might have dropped Music Station from their logo but that doesn’t mean they still don’t love music and now they have branched out to headphones. iWave, has joined forces with MTV and are set to debut at CES 2011 a new MTV electronics collection. The MTV Collection offers music lovers a chance to […]

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    Rock Band 3 Review (Xbox 360)

    Throw everything you know about Rock Band out the window, because there is a newer and more badass version in town – Rock Band 3. When Rock Band 2 launched in the fall of 2008 – it was a welcome improvement over the prior version. It came with a much larger song-list, and improved graphics, […]