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    NBC is Now Rebooting the Munsters, That One Monster Show from the ’60s

    The ride never ends. Reboot mania cannot and will not be stopped. NBC, possibly disappointed that they’re having a hard time making it the ’90s again, is now turning back the clock even further — they’ve approved development of another attempt at a reboot of The Munsters, the half hour comedy about a family of monsters in […]

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    King of the Hill Could Be Coming Back to Fox

    Are there a lot of original series on TV right now? Sure, you can point to plenty. Would networks rather just bring back more and more old shows anyway? Also yes! Lots of news about the future of television came out during the Television Critics Association press tour this month, and that future is going […]

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    NBC Canceled Timeless, Then Brought it Back – With a Catch

    Season finale season is upon us, and that means lots of cliffhangers. Unfortunately, not all of those shows manage to hang onto the cliff. Season finale season is also cancellation season, and while most of our favorites (like Once Upon a Time) are coming back, time-traveling tale Timeless looked like it was going to be history. NBC announced […]