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    Katy Perry Nerds Out on “Last Friday Night Remixes” Disc

    Katy Perry certainly likes to play dress-up. She has already been the pinup girl, the Alien, a peacock (onstage), and now a nerd? Albeit a nerd circa 1980/1990. Perry, the cover girl for the current issue of Vanity Fair, has decided to go from sexy to nerdy on her latest  disc of remixes for the […]

  • Deego USB Toys Try to Compete with Mimobots

    If these little USB fellas remind you of something, that is because they are similar in concept to Mimobots. These little guys are little designer toy figures that also double as USB memory keys when you pop off their heads. However, unlike with Mimobots, these Deego toys don’t seem to come with any special preloaded […]

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    Nerdcore Calendar Features Pin-up Girls Playing Video Games

    “Hot Babes” have graced the covers of many gadget magazines for many years now. Stuff and T3 magazine in the U.K. and the late Sync Magazine just to name a few, use photos of gadget laden females to help sell magazines. For women like us whom are truly technology enthusiasts (AKA closet geeks) this sort […]