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    Former NASA Engineer Builds the World’s Largest Nerf Gun

    Mark Rober is a man of many talents. The former NASA engineer worked on getting the Mars Curiosity Rover to the red planet. From what it looks like, he’s now trying to build a Nerf gun that can land darts on Mars — his latest creation is the largest Nerf gun on Earth, and yes, it […]

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    This Purse Doubles as a Weapon

    Any kids want to be like those totally rad women in movies that pack heat in their handbags? Well, here’s the kid-friendly version of that. The latest in Nerf’s probably unnecessary but whatever line of dart guns for girls is the Rebelle Secret Shot, a blaster that folds up into a purse. Or, a purse-looking […]

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    Nerf Tek Strike Gun Uses the iPhone For Wireless Targeting

    Augmented reality is definitely going to be the big trend in toys this year, if this year’s American International Toy Fair is any indication (and it is). But, augmented reality isn’t the cheap gimmick it used to be – there are some serious(ly fun) advances being made that are making AR legitimately interesting. One of […]