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    Empire State Building Gets Several Million Dollar LED Makeover

    The Empire State Building has always been known to have a colorful flair. The lights that are lit up on the building often depict known holidays, or sometimes even unknown ones, to sightseers and New Yorkers. Yet sometimes simplicity is best and the iconic white lights are truly what make the Empire State Building stand […]

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    CityMaps Shows You Every Dunkin’ Donuts on Every Corner in NYC

    If it’s 2:00 AM and you need to go get some food you shouldn’t be eating, CityMaps was made for you. Right now, CityMaps is showing everyone living in Brooklyn and Manhattan where they can find the nearest fast food joint, drug store, or Dunkin’ Donuts – there are a lot of Dunkin’ Donuts in […]

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    Tumi Tag Limited Edition Luggage Comes with Matching iPhone Case

    Tumi  – normally known for their drab black luggage, backpacks and carry-ons, has decided to get trendy and enlist New York graffiti artist John “Crash” Matos. The Tumi Tag is a limited edition series that not only features four unique and highly stylized durable hardside cases that are either carry-ons

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    Chip Chick Remembers September 11th 2001

    Eight years have passed since the tragedy known as 9/11 and yet here at Chip Chick – the reporters and editors remember it as if it were yesterday. In some way shape or form, we were all affected by the tragedy either directly or indirectly. On that fateful day, I received a text message (yes, […]