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    The Nintendo Switch is at the Heart of Another Bendgate

    The Nintendo Switch has been a success story so far, but there have been bumps in the road. At launch, the console was beset by complaints that the left Joy-Con controller tended to disconnect or lag — something that Nintendo eventually responded to by repairing affected units. Well, it sounds like Nintendo might have some more […]

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    Nintendo Switch Review

    It’s been about a week since Nintendo’s hybrid handheld/home console, the Switch, shipped out. One of many units came to my doorstep, and since then, I’ve been playing it as much as this job allows me to (so, more than I should, but let’s keep that between us). The pressure was on for Nintendo coming […]

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    Netflix and Hulu Could Come to the Nintendo Switch

    From the beginning, Nintendo has made it clear that the Switch was intended neither as a tablet nor as a direct competitor to the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. That makes sense — Nintendo is still a games company, and they’ve long been more concerned with making fun games than with having the most power […]

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    13 Big Hits and Misses for Nintendo Over the Years

    A lot of us (full disclosure: me included) got a package last weekend or headed to the nearest store that does video games — the Switch, Nintendo’s latest video game console, is here. It’s not in the Guinness Book of World Records (I guess, I didn’t check), but if there was a record for most […]