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    New Nintendo 2DS XL Review

    In a couple ways, the New Nintendo 2DS XL was a long time coming. Despite there being tons of handheld systems released in the Nintendo 3DS family, the New 2DS XL looked like it was going to hit a sweet spot when it was announced. I still remember being perplexed when I saw the (now-discounted) […]

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    Nintendo SNES Classic Preorders Start This Month

    After an NES Classic launch criticized for not having nearly enough supply to meet demand, Nintendo is looking to get things right the second time. They’re following it up with the SNES Classic, a box resembling their 16-bit console loaded up with 21 games from what might be Nintendo’s best library of games ever. What […]

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    Nintendo is Bringing Back the SNES with 21 Games

    Nintendo released the NES Classic last year — a box resembling the original NES that was loaded up with 30 classic 8-bit NES games — to more than a little fanfare. In fact, it got more attention than Nintendo expected or wanted to deal with — they discontinued the NES Classic long before they had satisfied demand, leaving […]

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    What 34 Pokémon Would Look Like in Real Life

    We thought that Pokémon Go had done a good job of bringing Pokémon into the real world, but it turns out someone else did it first — and way better! For the better part of the decade, concept artist RJ Palmer has been turning those cute pocket monsters into a monsters of a more terrifying sort. He’s now created tons of […]

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    ARMS Might Be the Most Competitive Game Nintendo Has Ever Made

    Nintendo is unassailable when it comes to fun, but they’ve never been as interested in competition. While developers and publishers alike have been pushing competitive esports-ready games like League of Legends, Overwatch, Street Fighter, and Call of Duty (among many others), the only highly competitive game Nintendo has ever had is Super Smash Bros. Melee — and many of the game mechanics […]

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    Super Mario Odyssey is Classic Mario with a Little Extra Quirkiness

    With video games becoming more and more self-serious, Nintendo might be more important than ever. Throughout the growth of video games into a mainstream entertainment medium, the company has remained dedicated to keeping things light, prioritizing fun. Only a few minutes with Super Mario Odyssey will tell you that nothing has changed in the Nintendo Switch […]

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    Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch Looks Like Crazy Fun

    Ubisoft being part of a Mario game? Sounds crazy, but that’s what the Rabbids are all about! The Rabbids, off-shoots of Ubisoft’s Rayman franchise, are demented bunnies, and those demented bunnies are officially coming to the Mushroom Kingdom. The developer started off their E3 presentation with Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo to reveal Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, a […]

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    Nintendo Reportedly Working on a Zelda Smartphone Game

    It’s one of those things we assumed was true, but here’s some smoke to the fire anyway. Today, the Wall Street Journal is citing a well-placed source as saying that a Zelda game is in development for mobile, and could be released as soon as this year. And, that’s it. Whatever conversation the WSJ and their source was […]

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    Nintendo Updates Their 3DS Handheld Line With the $150 2DS XL

    When the Switch console arrived, Nintendo stated firmly that while the home Wii U console was on the way out, they had no intentions of abandoning the DS platform. Today, we’re learning those weren’t just words — Nintendo has announced the 2DS XL, another redesign of the DS, and they’re making it more affordable. The DS […]

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    Nintendo Has Abruptly Discontinued the NES Classic

    What was apparently only intended as a holiday surprise for Nintendo fans is now off the (official) market for good. Late last week, Nintendo announced that they are discontinuing the wildly popular NES Classic, leaving everyone who wanted to get their hands on one scrambling for eBay. The NES Classic was a smaller version of […]

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    The Nintendo Switch is at the Heart of Another Bendgate

    The Nintendo Switch has been a success story so far, but there have been bumps in the road. At launch, the console was beset by complaints that the left Joy-Con controller tended to disconnect or lag — something that Nintendo eventually responded to by repairing affected units. Well, it sounds like Nintendo might have some more […]

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    Super Mario Run is Finally Available on Android

    Nintendo’s big break into smartphone gaming, Super Mario Run, is no longer exclusive to iOS. The app landed on Google Play yesterday, alongside an iOS update that makes more of the game free to play. The Android version is identical to the iOS version, which includes pricing — like before, a short part of the beginning of […]

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    Nintendo Switch Review

    It’s been about a week since Nintendo’s hybrid handheld/home console, the Switch, shipped out. One of many units came to my doorstep, and since then, I’ve been playing it as much as this job allows me to (so, more than I should, but let’s keep that between us). The pressure was on for Nintendo coming […]

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    Netflix and Hulu Could Come to the Nintendo Switch

    From the beginning, Nintendo has made it clear that the Switch was intended neither as a tablet nor as a direct competitor to the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. That makes sense — Nintendo is still a games company, and they’ve long been more concerned with making fun games than with having the most power […]

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    13 Big Hits and Misses for Nintendo Over the Years

    A lot of us (full disclosure: me included) got a package last weekend or headed to the nearest store that does video games — the Switch, Nintendo’s latest video game console, is here. It’s not in the Guinness Book of World Records (I guess, I didn’t check), but if there was a record for most […]