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    Pokémon Fans Rally to Protest Pikachu’s Name Change

    Nintendo just can’t stop getting blowback when it comes to translation and localization. They riled up some United States gamers earlier this year by omitting controversial content in a handful of 3DS games published in the west, and now they’re facing a protest in Hong Kong over the the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon releases. There’s […]

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    Nintendo is Planning on Making Anime Films

    It’s a very good day for Nintendo fans. Nintendo Co Ltd is in talks with several global production companies about expanding its video content business, into movie production, said Tatsumi Kimishima, president of the Japanese videogame maker. He said this was part of a strategical move to expand the brand’s character business and global gaming population. This […]

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    24 Geeky Eye Makeup Design Masterpieces

    Makeup is generally not considered to be one of the great art forms, but after taking a look at the eye makeup designs below, you might just change your mind! Pull out your brushes and get your canvas (or your face) ready — we’re going to go through the best geeky eye makeup the internet has […]

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    Nintendo 2DS is About to Drop in Price to Just $80

    The cheaper, non-3D version of the Nintendo 3DS is getting its second price cut since its 2013 release. Nintendo has confirmed that next week, the Nintendo 2DS will go down to $80 from $100. As before, the 2DS will come with a free download of Mario Kart 7, making the 2DS a pretty great value buy. […]

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    Pokémon Sun and Moon Introduces Three Adorable New Characters

    After Nintendo announced the seventh generation of Pokémon back in February in the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon titles for the 3DS, we’ve been waiting patiently to see what decision we’re going to be faced with this time. In a Nintendo Direct yesterday, we had our questions answered — meet Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio. As usual, we’ll have […]

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    Cooking Mama Gets Her Own Delicious Line of Apparel

    The Nintendo DS/3DS has given us many heroes and heroines over the years, possibly none greater than master chef and noted PETA rival Cooking Mama. She’s cooked up five DS games, two Wii games, and now she’s getting her very own (very belated) clothing line! Zoo Clothing, a Canadian retailer, has been carrying a Cooking […]

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    A Female Link Might Be an Option in the Next Legend of Zelda Game

    Nintendo’s always been a tight-lipped company, but even for them, the silence around the next Legend of Zelda game has been on par with Link’s — the company has offered next to no details about the upcoming game since first showing it off at E3 2014. After delays, the thinking goes that we’ll see more at this year’s E3, […]

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    Designing a Real Pistol to Look Like a Duck Hunt Gun is a Really Bad Idea

    It’s a good thing for the Duck Hunt Dog that this wasn’t made back in the ’80s. Precision Syndicate LLC, which from their Facebook page appears to be some sort of firearm customization company (“Machine Services and Manufacturing, Cad/Cam and Prototyping,” says the description), recently shared a bit of their handiwork — a customized (real) pistol […]

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    Looks Like 2016 Could Be the End for the Wii U

    2016 looks to be a big year for Nintendo — they finally launched their smartphone initiative and their next console, codenamed the NX, is rumored to go on sale later this year. This week, reports came out that suggest the latter is true — according to Nikkei, a Japanese newspaper, Nintendo will halt production of […]

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    Nintendo Releases Their Very First Smartphone App

    A move a couple years in the making has finally happened — Nintendo has moved into mobile, and we’re not talking about the 3DS. The video game company’s first app has been released in Japan, and it should come as no surprise that it’s meant to set the foundation for years of Nintendo apps to […]

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    Nintendo 3DS Gets Redesigned To Look Like Retro SNES

    It’s bad enough that sometimes, awesome Japanese games never make it to the West. But, the worst of it might be that Japan always snags the most awesome Nintendo merch, and that’s definitely true this week. In one of their semi-regular Nintendo Direct news announcements, Nintendo showed off one of the best 3DS case designs […]

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    Hyrule Warriors Hits the 3DS With a Female Version of Link

    When it comes to canon, Hyrule Warriors gets a big ol’ asterisk in the Zelda universe because it wasn’t solely developed by Nintendo — in a way, it’s more a part of co-developer Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors series than The Legend of Zelda. That’s not to say it’s a bad game — Dynasty Warriors games […]

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    Nintendo Wants to Make Movies Again

    Nintendo has historically been reluctant to let its characters appear in other people’s movies, let alone develop its intellectual properties into other types of entertainment like movies or mobile games. And for good reason. After all, its 1993 foray into Hollywood film-making with the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie was a resounding flop, while lending […]

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    Ditch the Les Paul for the Super Mario Guitar

    Next time you sit down to make a YouTube video of yourself playing as obscure of a theme as possible from a Mario game, make sure you’ve got the right guitar in hand. We’re talking about this custom-made Mario Guitar from Etsy seller AustralianGamers, and it’s a must for any musically-inclined Mario fan. First of […]

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    Introducing the Nintendo Controller Onesie

    Have a gamer-in-training in your household? Well, tell all the other parents what’s up while showing your commitment to raising your baby gamer the right way with the Future Gamer Babysuit. Other gamer parents will raise their gamers on tablets and mobile games, which is kind of like raising a kid on Cheetos and gummi […]