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    With Lazy Ear, the Best Way to Take Notes Is to Not Take Them At All

    Taking notes is the worst. You feel obligated to do it, but when you do, you usually miss half of what’s being said while trying to take notes on the other half. That’s not even taking into consideration the (low) likelihood of you actually going back and reading your notes. Fortunately, Lazy Ear is here […]

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    Livescribe Echo Smartpen Review

    The new Echo Smartpen improves on the previous generation of Livescribe products with a sleek ergonomic design that features a rubberized grip and anti-roll surface, it’s also available with the biggest capacity ever – up-to 8GB! Livescribe has also made charging the device more convenient, with a micro-USB connector, and the Echo now has a […]

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    SanDisk Intros slotMusic Cards & Players Personalized by Artists

    SanDisk new SlotMusic Cards and slotMusic Players seem like an obvious progression in the world of digital music, yet SanDisk is the first to come out with these new concepts. SlotMusic Cards are microSD cards that come preloaded with DRM-free MP3s from music artists. The cards cost just $14.99 – comparable to a CD album, […]

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    Rock Band 2 Instruments Review

    Several weeks ago we reviewed Rock Band 2 and were only able to experience it with the 1st generation drum kit and guitars. However as an update to that review we recently got a chance to try out the 2nd generation drum kit and guitar. Would they be more impressive and intuitive this time around? […]

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    Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360 Review

    So last year around this time we had the chance of a lifetime to review Rock Band. When we completed the review all we could say was WOW! It had everything you would want and more from a rhythm game. It opened up the genre to something new and exciting and took it places that […]

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    Free APA and MLA Bibliography Generator

    For all of you students out there, consider this web site a gift. (Does anyone else besides students have to make APA or MLA style bibliographies?). Carmun has the “Killer Bib Tool” which automatically correctly cites your sources according to MLA or APA format. The tool organizes them in to an alphabetical list and stores […]