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    Meep! Review – A Kid Safe Android Tablet

    If your child is constantly asking to use your phone or tablet to play games or to do their homework, you face a dilemma. Do you let them loose to roam the internet without supervision or do you try and shield them from technology altogether? Chances are you don’t want to do either. That’s where […]

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    Barbie Can Have a Pink Tablet too!

    If you can have a tablet, why can’t Barbie? Well now Barbie can at-least have a Barbie Fashion Tablet anyway. Styled to look a bit like the Apple iPad,  the Barbie Fashion Tablet is pink all over and even sports a QWERTY keyboard with stylus.

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    Oregon Scientific ATC 9K All Terrain Video Camera Records in 1080P

    Looking for a camera that can record all your extreme Summer vacation moments? Today Oregon Scientific officially launched the ATC 9K All Terrain Video Camera. It has a built in G-Sensor, records HD video in 1080P, LCD for instant playback, is water resistant, and you can choose between 3 megapixel and 5 megapixel images as […]