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    This Series of Overwatch Portraits is On Point

    Few games in history have caused quite the outpouring of fan love that Overwatch has, and that’s led to some awfully amazing art. That includes this incredible series of portraits from artist VVernacatola of DeviantArt. With some amazing sketching, great attention to detail, and some beautiful splashes of color in the background, he’s created some fantastic work. […]

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    These Overwatch Faerie Looks Need to Be Added to the Game ASAP

    The idea is so good, it would almost make us forgive Blizzard for loot boxes. We’re not going to go that far, though. Artist Faebelina on DeviantArt has made a whole series of Overwatch heroes as faeries, and with spring coming up (we can dream), we can’t imagine a better set of skins for Blizzard to go with! […]

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    25 Fidget Spinners for Geeky Stress Relief

    Well, this was inevitable. Geeky fidget spinners have taken the world by storm almost as quickly as fidget spinners themselves flew into our lives. Turns out, coming up with awesome nerdy tweaks to the spinners is just as good of a boredom killer, because we had to actually weed out a lot of spinners just to […]

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    22 Video Game-Inspired Earrings For Gamer Girls

    For many of us, video games bring back memories of summers and Saturday mornings past spent in imaginative worlds that we were ever so briefly a part of, or of the inevitable struggle to be player one with friends or siblings. Or, they remind us of, like, a few hours ago. Either way, you’re bound to […]

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    Female Overwatch Player Accused of Cheating Teaches the Boys Who’s Boss

    Since coming out last month, Blizzard’s Overwatch has become the hottest game in online play, quickly getting up there in name recognition with esports mainstays like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Being a new game, the competitive scene is still evolving, and while all of the higher echelon players are undoubtedly well-accustomed to playing first-person shooters, […]