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    This Fan Art of the Women of Overwatch is Drop Dead Gorgeous

    Could the heroes of Overwatch have side gigs as models? Well, given how many people play Overwatch, they probably don’t need to! But, with the sheer amount of vogue in this collection of fan art, we’re sure they could if they needed to! Artists TinyTruc and Nindei of DeviantArt have created some gorgeous fan art, and you can check it out […]

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    This Overwatch Fan Art Reminds Us That Girls Do it Better

    Sure, Gustavo Vaz could’ve focused on the guys of Overwatch, but why? It’s no mistake that the top three most picked heroes in competitive right now are from the ranks of the women! Vaz has drawn quite a few of the female heroes, and he’s versatile — he goes for a realistic look with some, while others […]

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    This Overwatch Fan Art Perfectly Captures Each Hero’s Personality!

    Among other things, Overwatch does a great job giving all its heroes a ton of personality — something not lost on moni158 of DeviantArt! Their fun Overwatch fan art has fun with all the game’s expressive (and, um, not so expressive) characters, and does it in a lighter, cartoony style we love. Check out some of their work below, and if […]

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    This Overwatch Fan Art Puts the Hammer Down

    Did this Overwatch fan art hit us as hard as an Earthshatter? Well, I don’t know, Rein’s Earthshatter looks like it would hurt a bunch! Either way, the art of Aelini and nakanoart is pretty awesome, with each artist putting their own unique spin on the heroes. Aelini does some fine work with portraits and fine details, while nakanoart employs a more anime-inspired […]

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    Brigitte Gets Some Love in This Batch of Great Overwatch Fan Art

    Today we’ve got great two Overwatch fan artists who have one thing in common — they’ve already given some love to the game’s latest hero, Brigitte! The daughter of crusty turret man Torbjörn is ready to drop heals and shields as readily as Sean Tay and María Palencia drop some excellent fan art. Here are their two takes on […]

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    We’ll Just Leave This Terrific Overwatch Fan Art Here

    We love it when people have fun with OverwatchI That, uh, goes for both in the game and out — seriously, some people maybe need to take it down a few notches. Anyway! Out of the game, artist Lana Arkhipova of Russia has had a blast with her Overwatch fan art. She’s done some great work based on […]

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    This Overwatch Cosplaying Shiba Inu Is the Best Girl

    This is Vox. Vox is an extremely good girl. Since 2016, she’s been pretty much one of the best cosplayers on the planet, specializing in Overwatch. This is appropriate, because Vox is a hero! Not only does she cosplay like a pro, she’s an accomplished painter — you can watch her show off her skills on Twitch. […]

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    Time to Buy Some New Overwatch Gear for Yourself for a Change

    You’ve spent who knows how much money decking out your mains in the finest skins — it’s probably time to spend a little on yourself! Wolvenstyle runs a pretty cool Etsy shop full of geeky goodies, and some of the Overwatch merch they’ve got are real standouts. Check out what they’ve got! This D.Va jacket can be purchased […]

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    This Series of Overwatch Portraits is On Point

    Few games in history have caused quite the outpouring of fan love that Overwatch has, and that’s led to some awfully amazing art. That includes this incredible series of portraits from artist VVernacatola of DeviantArt. With some amazing sketching, great attention to detail, and some beautiful splashes of color in the background, he’s created some fantastic work. […]

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    These Overwatch Faerie Looks Need to Be Added to the Game ASAP

    The idea is so good, it would almost make us forgive Blizzard for loot boxes. We’re not going to go that far, though. Artist Faebelina on DeviantArt has made a whole series of Overwatch heroes as faeries, and with spring coming up (we can dream), we can’t imagine a better set of skins for Blizzard to go with! […]

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    25 Fidget Spinners for Geeky Stress Relief

    Well, this was inevitable. Geeky fidget spinners have taken the world by storm almost as quickly as fidget spinners themselves flew into our lives. Turns out, coming up with awesome nerdy tweaks to the spinners is just as good of a boredom killer, because we had to actually weed out a lot of spinners just to […]

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    22 Video Game-Inspired Earrings For Gamer Girls

    For many of us, video games bring back memories of summers and Saturday mornings past spent in imaginative worlds that we were ever so briefly a part of, or of the inevitable struggle to be player one with friends or siblings. Or, they remind us of, like, a few hours ago. Either way, you’re bound to […]