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    Hello Kitty and Pac-Man are Teaming Up for Merch and Games

    Hello Kitty’s been busy lately! She’s been finding her way onto baseball teams, getting into high-fashion sunglasses, and helping everyone get into some super cute, super comfy loungewear. And, you had to know that with San Diego Comic-Con happening this week, she wouldn’t be sitting idle. Turns out, she’s found the perfect friend — what better […]

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    9 Faces Pac-Man has Worn in His 35 Years of Ghost Hunting

    As Pac-Man celebrates his 35th birthday, we’ll look back at how the arcade pioneer has evolved throughout the years. It’s not always been pretty, but the honorary Ghostbuster has managed to stay relevant ever since his debut in 1980, even if his identity crisis is certainly in keeping with someone stuck in mazes for 256 […]

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    Tetris Themed Lottery Tickets Land in New Jersey

    As if we needed another excuse to gamble, Tetris themed lottery tickets have just arrived in New Jersey. The new $3 Tetris Tripler game offers players 15 chances to win up to $30,000 on the spot. A ticket also offers customers the opportunity to enroll in 10 second chance drawings by logging on-to the New […]