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    Verizon GizmoTab Review

    One of the many challenges you face as a parent is how to introduce technology to your child safely. You want to balance the time spent playing games versus learning, and you definitely want them to be kept safe from dangers on the internet. There have been many devices that have attempted to do this […]

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    Amazon Introduces a Feature to Help Parents Understand What Their Kids are Doing Online

    We’re awash in devices, software solutions, and even routers that provide parental controls, and they’ve become increasingly sophisticated. Not only can web filters be applied, schedules can be created and time limits can be enforced — kids might be able to beg parents for more online time, but they’re not going to get far making entreaties […]

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    Circle With Disney Parental Control System Review

    One of the greatest challenges for parents is how to protect their children from the dangers of the internet while still giving them access to the wonders of it. There are many devices and apps that aim to help parents monitor and control access for the youngest members of the family. However, Circle with Disney may just be the simplest and […]

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    Disney Device Helps Parents Control Their Kids Mobile Devices

    The internet opens up a whole new world to kids everywhere, but maybe that’s not a world parents want their kids to see too soon. That’s why we have parental control software. But, do we have parental control software that closes off that grimy world and opens up even more of the world of Disney […]