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    Philips is About to Offer More Bang for Your Buck With Their Philips Hue Smart Light Starter Kits

    Philips has brought a few bright ideas with them to IFA 2017. After pioneering smart lighting with their app-controlled Hue lights in 2012, Philips has slowly but surely made them cheaper while introducing some tasteful fixtures. Both trends are continuing at this year’s show. Going forward, Philips will include four of their A19 bulbs in […]

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    Philips Adds a Connected Motion Sensor to Their Hue Lighting System

    In 2012, Philips got in front of smart home lighting with their Hue brand, a series of LED lights that can be controlled using a smartphone. Since then, Philips has spun off their lighting business into a separate company called Philips Lighting, with Hue at the forefront. Usually, we hear about new forms of lighting […]

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    Philips Hue White Ambiance Smart Bulbs Are Here and They’re HomeKit Ready

    Nothing makes us more self-conscious about our atrocious daily habits like smart lighting. Philips is updating their Hue line of smart lighting with white ambiance bulbs, made to simulate the whole range of white light, including the gentle, warm glow of the early morning sun — not that I know what that looks like. The […]

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    Philips Hue Go Delivers Portable Mood Lighting

    I’m not sure anyone really needs portable home lighting, but we’re in a “why not?” period in the technology industry these days. Philips Hue Go is the latest from Philips’ line of smart home LED lighting, and is a little bowl of light that you can take with you around the house. The Hue Go […]

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    Philips 3D-printed Hue Luminaires are About to Revolutionize Luxury Lighting

    Philips is continuing to shine the spotlight on hue, their smart home lighting system. It started with normal LED bulbs that you could control from a smartphone, but the line has expanded rapidly. The latest releases are anything but normal – they’re all about living the high life. If you never thought home lighting could […]