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    Philips DS8500 Fidelio Tabletop Speaker Dock Review

    It’s rare when a sound system warms your cockles and is so delicious that you want to give it a hug and never let go. That is exactly what the Philips DS8500 Fidelio Tabletop Speaker Dock did to me. When Philips launched their Obsessed with Sound campaign along with the Fidelio line of Speaker Dock’s, […]

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    Philips Officially Launches Fidelio Series of iPod/iPhone Docks

    Today, Philips officially launched their new range of Fidelio iPhone/iPod Docks. We had actually noticed these docks popping up at the Apple stores for some time now – so it was interesting that Philips waited until now to officially announce their arrival in the marketplace. The Fidelio launch is just one piece of the puzzle […]

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    Philips Lumiware Vase and Cooler Add Color to any Cocktail Party

    Looking for the perfect ambiance for your next cocktail party? Philips will be launching just in time for the holidays, the Lumiware Vase and Lumiware Cooler. The Lumiware Vase is a decorative piece that features white and colored LED lights. It is battery operated and weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use. It is also  scratch […]

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    Philips Updates Their GoGear Ariaz and ViBE Video Players

    Philips has new versions of their GoGear Ariaz and GoGear ViBE video players out. While they don’t seem to be sporting any new features quite worth writing home about, they are rocking a decent set of specs and a clean new aluminum chassis. For starters, the GoGear Ariaz features FullSound, and it comes with sound […]

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    CES 2010: Philips Notebook Accessories

    Philips line of notebook accessories include notebook sleeves, a Notebook Cushion Speaker, several models of USB speakers, a Bluetooth- enabled mouse that can be used without a surface, a webcam with cable management and direct YouTube upload. The notebook sleeve consists of  a soft cushion for your lap with a stable hard top that allows […]

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    Philips Wake-Up Light Review

    The Phlilps Wake-Up light is designed to enhance your physical well being when its time for you to get up in the morning. When we got a hands on demo a few weeks ago, we witnessed for ourselves the overall charm of this unusual device. The Wake-Up Light features a soft light that gently glows […]

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    Philips Wake-Up Light Aims to Make Everyone Less Grouchy

    Today myself along fellow journalists and bloggers got a chance to get up close and personal the Philips Wake-Up Light.  Most people may already be familiar with the Philips Wake-Up Light. It made its debut in Europe first and then launched stateside only a month ago with a new sleeker and more modern design. For […]

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    Philips GoGear Vibe 4GB Review

    Philips launched the GoGear Vibe not too long ago and although it’s not meant to be a direct iPod competitor by any means, it does do the job of being an affordable MP3 player and a serious alternative to the Shuffle. In the Box: The packaging is actually pretty smart as it offers a perforated […]

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    Philips Unveils GoGear Luxe and Mix MP3 Players

    Today Philips unveiled a slew of cool new products, ranging from new digital audio players, to spiffy all in one remotes, to iPhone speaker systems and slick landline handsets. Here are some of Philips new products that especially stood out for us. The clip-on GoGear Luxe MP3 player with Bluetooth headset is looking pretty slick. […]

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    Philips Recession Friendly GoGear Aria, Opus and ViBE DAPs

    Philips has three new GoGear digital audio players to show off, each with recession-friendly price tags. First is the Opus, which has the biggest display of the bunch and is sporting “FullSound, a Philips-patented technology that enhances the sound quality of a MP3 file before it is sent to the speaker for professional sound quality.” […]

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    Philips Skype Web Cam Review

    It’s amazing how the web cam and the technology behind it has evolved over the years; from being a device that produced mediocre video at best to its present day incarnation of delivering crystal clear video and breath taking crisp pictures. It is safe to say, that web cams are very much at the forefront […]