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    Kodak Photo Books with SMARTFIT Technology Review

    Kodak Gallery is an online digital photo processing and developing service that has expanded to include the printing of personalized Photo Books.  Joining the site is simple and fast, only requiring your first name, email address, and a password.  You can even link a Facebook account directly to the Kodak Gallery.  Once signed in you […]

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    Kodak PYNK Smart Print System Review

    We’ve all been there – you need a good gift that will impress, and you need it fast – so fast, that you can’t wait for it to be delivered. Kodak’s new PYNK Smart Print system which will be available at PYNK Ready KODAK Picture Kiosks around the country including CVS, lets you create, print, […]

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    Top 7 Best Free or Cheap Photoshop Alternatives

    With digital cameras becoming the norm for the everyday photographer, photograph editing programs and applications have become the new darkrooms. Adobe Photoshop is the field’s Google, now synonymous with photo editing software and its use across the Internet. Unfortunately, Adobe Photoshop is not synonymous with affordability; for a full version of the program, expect to […]

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    HP Rolls Out 1080p V5020u Flip Competitor with Motion Detection

    Every company has at-least one answer to the Flip nowadays, so why shouldn’t HP. Their new V5020u Digital Camcorder offers full 1080p HD recording with electronic image stabilization via a built-in gyroscopic sensor that prevents image blur caused by camcorder movements. It also features a 10x digital zoom, a 2″ LCD screen, a 5MP sensor, […]

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    PENTAX Optio RS1000 Lets You Customize its Exterior 4 Different Ways

    The new PENTAX Optio RS1000 either has a multiple personality disorder or it is looking to top Lady Gaga for the most costume changes for a camera.  This cosmetically customizable digital camera features a removable faceplate to hold interchangeable skins of any personal design.  You can skin your new Optio to match your outfit, cell […]

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    Roxio Creator 2011 Review

    I have not used Roxio for a few years. I remember it being a good program, but nothing to really set it apart. However, this year’s release, Roxio Creator 2011, has really outdone itself! Not only does it include a very full set of editing software, but it gives you the ability to produce 3D […]