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    Transformers and Avengers Pinball Machine Smash It Up

    Pinballs getting smashed relentlessly around is a pretty good arena for superheros that also are known for such behavior. Stern Pinball claims to be the only real makers of Pinball machines in the world and they do a fine job. These are beautiful machines designed specifically for the home environment.Genuine Stern Pinball Flippers, Slingshots, and […]

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    Pinball Magic Transforms Your iPhone into a Real Pinball Machine

    New Potato just released their newest accessory for the iPhone/iPod Touch called Pinball Magic that transforms your device into a real pinball machine table. The Pinball Magic accessory comes complete with flipper buttons, a ball-launching plunger, LED-lit animated backbox, and foldable legs for easy traveling. Just pop in your iPhone/iPod Touch into the 30-Pin connector […]