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    The Pipsqueak saves you from Mary Poppins moments

    The rise of the designer bag has led to many Mary Poppins moments when searching for your mobile. Once you’ve manoeuvred your way around your keys, wallet, makeup, sticks of gum.. the phone has often stopped ringing and you’ve missed an important call. Devices do exist that alert you when your phone starts vibrating- but this is the first we’ve seen that answers your call with a ‘Janet will be with you shortly message’ to keep the caller online.

    Pipsqueak is a pocket sized device that uses Bluetooth to sync to your phone. It features a clip to allow you to clip it to your bag or waistband and vibrates and emits both light and sound when you have a call- with the number ringing displayed on its surface. You can opt out of the sound option if you’re somewhere very quiet.

    You can use it to hang up on a call, or to alert your caller that you are about to answer. This feature is called ‘extended time’ and tells the caller to ‘Please Hold’. You can customize this message with your own voice- or use celebrities via the website (not yet launched).

    The Pipsqueak also alerts you if you’ve left your phone behind, with a 30 foot radius. When you’ve stepped out of range your Pipsqueak will vibrate and display a ‘Phone Lost’ message. I think this is a very clever idea, and know it would help me out a lot.

    The device is created by SeekerPND and the launch date and price is still TBA.