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    These Drawings of Pokemon as People Are Simply Adorable!

    Here’s a whole different kind of evolution! DeviantArt user Nindei has imagined Pokemon — specifically the Eeveelutions — as people, and they’ve turned out super adorable! We’ve got them all right here, along with a few other great Pokemon pieces she’s done. And, if you want to see what else she’s done, be sure to head over to […]

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    We Would Not Want to Duel Against These Robotic Pokemon!

    No adorable Pokemon here. Frame Wars imagines the pocket monsters in their Neo Terra Universe, which includes a world that turns creatures into mechanized versions of themselves. In the case of Pokemon, that turns out to be as awesome as it sounds! If you think they’re pretty awesome too, be sure to see more of their […]

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    Pokemon Go Neon in This Dazzling Series of Fan Art

    Your eyes are about to get treated to an all-you-can-see buffet. Alysia Prosser is an artist capable of working in many different styles, as you’ll see in her Pokemon fan art here. But, none are more eye-catching than her dazzling neon Pokemon, which kinda look like they wouldn’t be out of place in the world […]

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    Hauntingly Amazing Pokémon You Won’t Be Able To Stop Thinking About

    I know you’ve heard of Pokémon, but have you heard of David Szilagyi? David is one exceptionally talented artist who has recreated some of our favorite Pokémon in a hauntingly amazing way you just won’t be able to stop thinking about! David says, “I was raised on Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark, Beksinski, H.R. Giger, […]

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    9 Offbeat Pokemon Games We Love

    Would we be good just playing the main series Pokémon games from Red and Blue all the way down to Sun and Moon and whatever’s in store for the Switch? Sure! Grueling breeding and training programs to mechanistically produce perfect fighting machines never gets old. But, the Pokémon series has always had a fun, wacky […]

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    This Dynamic Splatter Style Pokemon Fan Art is Totally Frame-worthy

    The off-white backgrounds, the perfect squares, the beautiful colors, the splashy and original style — it’s all begging to be on the wall of someone’s new apartment! Melissa Smith has done an awesome job with her Pokemon fan art, using a splatter style on digital canvases. You can think of these as how Pokemon look when […]

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    There’s So Much Whimsy in This Cute Pokemon Fan Art

    Pokemon don’t always have to be the fighting kind. The cute Pokemon fan art of Piper Thibodeau shows the lighthearted side of the pocket monsters — well, alright, some of them are still a little grumpy! In fact, Piper’s got some serious skills when it comes to bringing characters to life — he’s worked as a character […]

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    These Pokemon Fusions Combine Pokemon With Trainers

    We’ve never seen a fan artist do Pokemon quite like this before! Ron Lyriq took inspiration from a deep cut — a manga series called Pokemon ReBURST that never got an English translation. That series featured a twist seen nowhere else in Pokemon — trainers who could fuse with their Pokemon! Ron Lyriq has turned that into […]

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    19 Pokémon Wedding Goodies That Will Make You Say I Choose You!

    A Pokémon wedding would be such a unique theme for all you chic geeks! Your guests would also be guaranteed to have a complete blast. Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we found some amazing ideas and caught them all on this article! If you end up having a Pokémon wedding, you definitely need to […]

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    These Pokémon Have Evolved Into Humans, and It’s Pretty Adorable

    Are we seeing the next step in Pokémon evolution? If so, we’re cool with it! Gijinka is the art of turning, well, anything into super cute human form, and artist DAV-19 of DeviantArt is one of the best we’ve ever seen do it. She’s transformed a handful of Pokémon into people (well, sometimes with some non-human features!), with […]

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    These Realistic Pokémon Don’t Look Like the Fainting Type

    I think Ash would have a rough time as a trainer in this world of Pokémon. I mean, he has a rough time anyway, but you get the point. This batch of realistic Pokémon fan art features some Pokes that mean business — there’s grandeur, there’s ferocity, and there’s looking off into the distance stoically! This art comes […]

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    This Gorgeous Pokémon Art is Almost Dreamlike!

    We see a lot of realistic Pokémon art in the community, so it’s refreshing to see a totally different angle once in a while! Finland-based artist Pauliina Linjama turns Pokémon dreamy with soft textures and beautiful backgrounds — she does some really lovely work! If you want to see more of what Linjama can do, you should check out […]

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    Here’s What Would Happen if Pokémon Were Really Too Cute to Fight

    How could you ever attack anything making eyes like these? Artist Luke Phillippo is basically daring you to feel awful about yourself just thinking of catching one of these little guys — and we’re OK with it! Check out the first handful of the original Pokémon below, and if you like his work, you should check out […]

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    These Pokémon Fusions May Mean Professor Oak Has Lost Control of Himself

    When someone’s been studying Pokémon for as long as Professor Oak has, they have to get curious, right? Well, turns out, the good professor isn’t the mastermind behind these Pokémon fusions — that would be fan artist Seoxys, who has put her imagination to work by thinking up all kinds of Pokémon hybrids! Here’s some of her best, and if […]

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    We’re Fainting Over How Good This Pokémon Fan Art Is

    As always, Eric Proctor’s art skills are super effective. We’ve loved his series of Grumpy Cat invading Disney movies and his teaming up Disney princesses with Eevees, and his series of Pokémon fan art is just as wonderful. We celebrated some of his work not too long ago, and now we’re back with even more! Here […]

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    The Pokémon of Sinnoh Get Some Awesome Major Makeovers

    True story: I was never more locked into Pokémon than I was in the Diamond/Pearl days. I was a late bloomer! Great generation, though. Introduced Arceus, which is basically Pokémon God. Let’s take a look at those Sinnoh Pokémon getting some overhauls! We’re back with more of Harris Fagotto’s Pokémon redesigns — this time, from the […]