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    Researchers Say Pokémon Go Is Safety Hazard, and They’ve Got Some Staggering Numbers to Prove It

    Usually, we’d write a study like this off as science stating the obvious, but some of the numbers in Purdue’s new study on the effects of Pokémon Go are admittedly pretty eye-opening! The researchers dug into thousands of traffic accident reports from one county in Indiana, drawing from the time before and after Pokémon Go was released. Apparently, […]

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    Pokémon Go Finally Makes it to the Apple Watch, as Promised

    Apple made a bad habit of promising things at the iPhone 7 launch and seeing them get delayed longer than they’d like. After mysterious setbacks, Apple finally released the AirPods earlier this month, and now we’re seeing one of the big Apple Watch guarantees — Pokémon Go is now on Apple’s wearable. When Apple discussed Pokémon Go for the Apple […]

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    Someone Studied Pokémon Go’s Health Benefits, and the Results Won’t Shock You

    Today in science that probably didn’t need to be done (but why not?), we have a study published in the British Medical Journal about the health benefits of Pokémon Go. Researchers from Harvard and the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden lived the dream this year, pulling off a weeks-long study to test whether or not playing Pokémon Go led to […]

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    Starbucks Officially Joins Forces With Pokémon Go

    Starbucks is officially joining Sprint in the push to make Pokémon Go magic happen all over again. The Sprint announcement revealed that new Pokémon are to be introduced to the game next week, expanding the number of Pokémon that can be collected by as many as 100. It’s looking like developers Niantic are attempting to better capitalize on […]

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    Pokémon Go Chooses Sprint as a Partner Before Launching New Pokémon Next Week

    Remember the massive crowds that Pokémon Go generated back when the game first launched in the summer? Sprint’s hoping they start forming around their stores next week. That’s when the game’s developers, Niantic, are expected to announce new Pokémon (likely from the series’ second generation), the latest and most significant update in the game’s attempt at a […]

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    Pokémon Go is Giving Out Double XP and Stardust Starting Tomorrow

    In celebration of the roller coaster that Pokémon Go has been over the past four and a half months (seems like it’s been so much longer), developers Niantic are offering players double XP and Stardust for a whole week, starting tomorrow. While the promotion coincides with Thanksgiving, the double XP and Stardust event is a global event […]

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    Pokémon Go Stages a Comeback With Halloween Festivities

    When last we checked in with Pokémon Go, player numbers weren’t looking too hot. And, from the lack of stampede reports and decline in crowding of our cities’ parks, it appears that things haven’t gotten much better. If nothing else, alarm bells should have gone off when the nation’s cafes got rid of their team-affiliated […]

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    Pokémon Go is Losing Players Fast

    Well, it wasn’t going to last forever. The meteoric rise of Pokémon Go this summer has finally ended, with new stats from Axiom Capital Management showing that daily active user and engagement rates have been dipping since mid-July. Bloomberg has a report on the decline of the game, with an Axiom analyst suggesting that worried execs of […]

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    Watch as Pokémon Go Disrupts Traffic in Taipei

    When Pokémon Go finally made its way to Asia late last month, most attention was turned to Japan and the McDonald’s deal the developers struck. But, a handful of other countries in southern and southeast Asia also got the game, and that includes Taiwan. If you think that a month gone by has seen enthusiasm for […]

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    Iran Bans Pokémon Go, Citing Security Concerns

    Can you ban something you never had? Pokémon Go hasn’t gotten an official release in most countries yet, and that includes Iran. Sounds like they’ll never have a chance to launch there, either — the country’s government has banned the game completely, citing security concerns. Like in most other places, those security concerns haven’t been specified. We’ve heard […]

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    If Disney Princesses Played Pokémon

    In a world where Kingdom Hearts exists, is it really impossible? I don’t know if we’ll ever see the kind of Pokémon x Disney crossover these fan artists have dreamed up, but it’s good to know there’s a strong foundation for one! Given their rich history of friendship with the animal kingdom, we’re thinking Disney princesses would […]

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    If Pokémon Popped Up in Classic Movie Scenes

    Not content to take over our world, Pokémon are now invading the world of film thanks to — what else? — the magic of photoshop. DesignCrowd, a site that links up freelance designers with potential clients, called for submissions of Pokémon shopped into classic films, and unsurprisingly, the crowd delivered. I’ll be honest, I was expecting to roll my […]

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    Did This Week’s Pokémon Go News Really Send Nintendo’s Stock Tumbling?

    The Pokémon Go story keeps getting stranger. This week, it’s been widely reported that Nintendo’s stock has plummeted since they discussed in a call with investors that Nintendo does not make or have full ownership of the massively popular mobile game. The stock did indeed plummet (although not even close to below where it was before Pokémon Go was […]