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    Polaroid 3D Glasses That Don’t Make You Look Like a Major Geek

    Ever go to a 3D movie on a first date? Then you realize just how nerdy those glasses make you look. Not mention the discomfort. Polaroid has taken a swing at these issues with their new line of 3D glasses. Although they don’t work with current 3D TV’s, they do work with upcoming ones. Polaroid […]

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    Lady Gaga and Polaroid to Announce Grey Label at CES 2011

    Last Year Lady Gaga and Polaroid teamed up at CES to announce that Gaga was Polaroid’s new creative director, and that she would be designing products for Polaroid. Well 2010 has come and gone, and we haven’t heard that much from Gaga and Polaroid at all except for a few promotional events and a Polaroid […]

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    Hipstamatic iPhone App Brings O.A.R.’s Life on the Road to Life

    Twitpics, Facebook tags, and Flickr galleries have become a real-time record of our lives and memories. Sharing life experiences in real-time by snapping photos from 3 megapixel cell phone cameras and posting them on Facebook or Twitter has practically replaced the photography that used to exist, in a world where developing film and being reminded of […]