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    Cricket and MetroPCS Both Introduce 8 GB Plans for $50 Per Month

    We recently ran down our favorite prepaid plans under $40, but if you’re willing to spend just a bit more, there are some great deals for large high-speed data allotments. Here’s a couple of new ones — MetroPCS and Cricket have launched special promotions updating their $50 per month plans to include 8 GB of 4G LTE […]

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    NetTALK Connect Wireless Review

    “Unlimited talk, text, and data.” So goes the tagline for netTALK Wireless mobile phone service. If you’re like me and find yourself going over on your monthly data allowance — and paying the crazy overage fees — your ears likely perked up reading this. NetTALK offers a pretty remarkable mobile service package, but like most things that […]

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    The 10 Best Prepaid Phone Plans Under $30

    Last year, we took a look at five great low-cost alternatives to high-priced monthly wireless bills from the big four. Well, we’re happy to report the trend has caught on — we’ve got 10 coming your way this year. Thanks to more and more smartphone makers putting out near premium phones at affordable unlocked prices, […]

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    Asus Goes Even Cheaper With the ZenFone 2E

    We’re big fans of the ZenFone 2, Asus’ low-cost phone that doesn’t fall too short of a flagship. The ZenFone 2E doesn’t pretend to be anywhere near a flagship, but at an even lower price, it’s looking like another great value. The ZenFone 2E is smaller at 5″, but still runs Android 5.0 like the […]

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    Republic Wireless Will Pay Customers for Unused Cellular Data

    Since 2011, Republic Wireless has been one of the cheapest ways to get wireless service. The savings rely on Republic Wireless switching you over to Wi-Fi as often as possible for calling, texting, and data, using Sprint’s cellular network otherwise. Their more expensive plans give you allotments of cellular data, but Republic Wireless is still […]

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    Sharp AQUOS Crystal Coming to Boost Mobile and Sprint

    The Sharp AQUOS Crystal, Sharp’s mid-range smartphone with a sweet-looking edge-to-edge display, is nearly ready to arrive in stores. Sprint and Boost Mobile will be carrying the device at prices that are awfully tempting for what is still a fairly respectable smartphone. You’ll be able to find the AQUOS Crystal in white at Boost Mobile […]

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    Virgin Mobile Announces New Monthly Unlimited Plans

    Less than a month after Sprint announced their new monthly plans, Virgin Mobile is following suit, and while they’re more expensive than Sprint’s, they come with some extra international minutes to sweeten the pot. Virgin Mobile and Sprint are worth a direct comparison, because we’re talking about the same network—Virgin Mobile is actually a wholly […]

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    6 Dirt Cheap Smartphones that are Actually Quite Good

    Cheap smartphones, no contract. Pick one, right? Unsubsidized, off-contract phones come at a high price—high enough to make the confines of a two-year contract preferable by comparison, which is really saying something. But, that’s only true for the flagship phones that get most of the publicity. The market is awash in low- and mid-tier budget […]

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    T-Mobile Now Offering Prepaid iPhone 5S with a $50 Discount

    T-Mobile is getting July started with some pretty sweet deals if you’ve pitched your tent in Apple’s camp. They’re offering hardware discounts and bonuses if you buy an Apple device and put it on a T-Mobile monthly plan. Now that it’s possible to buy an iPhone with prepaid T-Mobile service straight from Apple Stores, T-Mobile […]

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    Republic Wireless Moto X Review

    We first reviewed Republic Wireless back in 2013. The company made waves by being the first company to offer a crazy affordable unlimited talk, text, data plan for just $19.99 a month. But our biggest issue with their service was the lack of solid handsets. Nearly a year later the company has introduced new handset […]

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    Last Minute Stocking Stuffer: Karma Hotspot

    There are plenty of pay-as-you-go mobile hotspots on the market today, so what’s special about Karma you ask? For starters, it’s all about sharing, and rewarding you for sharing. The way it works with your Karma hotspot is that Karma has an open Wi-Fi signal, so that anyone around can connect to it. And when […]

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    Virgin Mobile Gets the iPhone 5S and 5C

    Gone are the days of waiting patiently until non-contract carriers finally get your marquee phone of choice. The iPhone 5S and 5C are both wasting no time coming to Virgin Mobile, scheduled to arrive as soon as tomorrow. Virgin Mobile is saying that as of October 1, Virgin stores will stock both the iPhone 5S […]

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    Verizon Wireless Intros $35 Unlimited Text and Data Prepaid Plan

    Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile have been doing it, and now Verizon Wireless has joined the club. The company just introduced a $35 prepaid plan for basic phones that offers 500 minutes plus unlimited texting and data. This deal is available for phones like the LG Cosmo, Samsung Gusto, Samsung Intensity, and LD Extravert. Unfortunately, smartphones […]

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    Republic Wireless Review – The $19 Unlimited Cell Phone Plan

    Republic Wireless is one of the latest no-contract cellular companies to pop up. But Republic Wireless is hardly your standard prepaid wireless company. That is because it’s also the nation’s first hybrid Wi-Fi and cell service. The concept is actually quite socialist in nature. Instead of working off of traditional cell phone towers alone, the […]

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    Ting Mobile Review: Month One

    There are many options to look at when buying a smartphone, and with this large amount comes confusion rather than clarification. Cell phone bills seem to be skyrocketing, which is crazy when you consider that you’re paying a monthly subscription for minutes you don’t use and internet that is often slow. And then if you […]