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    WWE 2K14 Review (PS3)

    WWE 2K14 is everything you want from a wrestling game, a body slamming good time with rich storytelling and plenty of nostalgia. But the biggest, and best, feature is the “30 Years of WrestleMania” mode. There is something for everyone in this mode, no matter your age or what era you grew up with. Fans […]

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    Tales of Xillia Review (PS3)

    Role playing games are about offering an immersive experience, and the ability to get lost in an exotic world with strange, amusing and memorable characters. Japanese RPGs have lost some of that luster from the PlayStation 1/2 heyday, but there is always the chance that one of these games will pull you in with an […]

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    Injustice: Gods Among Us Review – PS3

    Developed by NetherRealm Studios, the team behind 2011’s Mortal Kombat reboot, Injustice: Gods Among Us sounds like a DC fan’s wet dream come true. What could be more exciting than seeing Batman fighting an alternate dimension version of himself? Or Wonder Woman taking on Bane? Or Lex Luthor in an armored suit picking off The […]

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    Sony Unveils 3D All-in-one VAIO L Desktop at E3

    It’s not just Nintendo and video game consoles that are making announcements at E3 today. Sony has upgraded their sleek VAIO L Series all-in-one desktop PC with 3D technology. The PC now sports a full HD 3D 24-inch LED display that you can use to watch 3D Blu-ray movies on. Plus, you can also connect […]

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    Yakuza 4 Review – PS3

    Sega’s Yakuza 4 is the latest installment in the Yakuza series of video games. If you aren’t familiar with this franchise, think of it as Reservoir Dogs but in Japanese, taking place exclusively in Japan, more specifically in Tokyo, Japan. Yakuza is a throwback to games with lots of story (cut screens galore) and then […]

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    Roxio Game Capture Records Xbox 360 and PS3 Game Scenes

    For many video gamers, half of the enjoyment in playing a game is enjoying bragging rites. Well now gamers don’t have to just talk about their latest scores, they can also show them off with replays. Roxio’s new Game Capture and PC Game Capture software lets Xbox 360, PS3, and PC gamers to record, edit, […]

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    The Ultimate Girl Gamers Video Game Guide for the Holidays

    With so many consoles and new accessories out, it’s hard to discern which games might suit your tastes. Do you prefer the riggers of exercising when it comes to the Wii, PS3 or XBox? Do you yearn for classic arcade style games or the ever popular music rhythm games? Don’t forget there is always the […]

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    Epson MovieMate 85HD All-in-one Projector is a Travelling Movie Theater

    Picking out a projector for a home theater system can be overwhelming for the average family. Sure, some do enjoy all the tinkering and figuring out that is involved with setting up an intricate home theater set-up, but others just want a system that gets the job done efficiently without much hassle. That is where […]

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    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Comes with a Limited Edition Mimobot

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Collectors Edition for the XBox and PS3 is now available for pre-order. What makes this collection so special is that it includes three exclusive challenge mode levels, an exclusive Ralph McQuarrie concept “Deak Starkiller” skin, an exclusive Lightsaber crystal and a Collector’s Edition 2GB exclusive MIMOBOT loaded with a […]

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    X-Dream Gyroxus PS3 Gaming Chair Enables Lift Off at Home

    Want to really feel what it’s like to be immersed in a video game? We’ve seen the rumbling chairs and even the vests that make you experience what its like to get shot. However the X-Dream GYROXUS gaming chair lets you move along with the action – turn, dive, lift-off, and climb as you make […]

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    EyePet Move for PS3 is Like GigaPets for 2010

    We recently got a hands-on with the upcoming EyePet Move game for the PS3. Although the game is really aimed at kids and families, the game is so unique that it is sure to appeal to all types of gamers. The concept of a virtual pet has been done and redone over the years in […]

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    Hands on with Resident Evil 5

    We got a chance to spend a little time yesterday with the latest installment of Resident Evil 5 from Capcom. Many will assume its the same thing all over again. Just another polished up release that features better graphics and more zombies to kill. However you would be wrong. Yes the basics are all there, […]

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    Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360 Review

    So last year around this time we had the chance of a lifetime to review Rock Band. When we completed the review all we could say was WOW! It had everything you would want and more from a rhythm game. It opened up the genre to something new and exciting and took it places that […]

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    SoulCalibur IV X-Box 360 Review

    After a very Disappointing SoulCalibur III, I was under the assumption that the new installment, SoulCalibur IV wasn’t going to be much better. Then one day after flipping though a gaming magazine oh about 6 months ago, there it was, Yoda on the cover. That is all SoulCalibur needed to get my attention once again. […]