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    22 Video Game-Inspired Earrings For Gamer Girls

    For many of us, video games bring back memories of summers and Saturday mornings past spent in imaginative worlds that we were ever so briefly a part of, or of the inevitable struggle to be player one with friends or siblings. Or, they remind us of, like, a few hours ago. Either way, you’re bound to […]

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    8 Video Games to Surround the Menorah

    With Thanksgiving in the rear-view mirror and all of us getting bombarded by full-on Christmas season, it might be easy to forget that the Festival of Lights is upon us. Growing up Jewish, there was always this idea that Hanukkah (Chanukah for some) was the holiday your Jewish friends celebrated so they wouldn’t felt left […]

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    7 Games from PlayStation Experience You Need to Hear About

    Over the weekend, Sony hosted the second annual PlayStation Experience in San Francisco. PlayStation’s own mini-E3, the convention featured a few recently released PS4 games, plus dozens of games in the pipe for 2016. You’ve probably heard of a few of them — Street Fighter V, Uncharted 4, Dark Souls 3, and the Final Fantasy […]

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    THIEF Review (PS4)

    I’ve been looking forward to Thief since 2009, back when it was revealed as Thief 4. I went into Thief with an open mind. I really did, but what I ended up playing was the opposite of what I was expecting. From the start, Thief is somewhat of a mess, and a lesson on why […]

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    A Guide to the PlayStation 4’s Launch Titles

    The next-generation of consoles are officially here. Seven years after Sony launched its PlayStation 3, we now have the sleek, powerful and incredibly social PlayStation 4. Unlike the PS3 that was designed to become the ultimate living entertainment hub, the PS4 is a return to a focus on gaming. From the ground up, the PS4 […]