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    IQ Brick Puts the Rubik’s Cube to Shame

    Already mastered the Rubik’s Cube? Time to step up your game. The IQ Brick is throwing way more layers at you, and is going to try all the patience you have. Patience, specifically. If you’re a pro at the Rubik’s Cube, you probably already know how you’d solve this—it’s just that twisting all those rows […]

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    Rubik’s Cube Speaker Solves Audio Troubles, Not Puzzles

    The Rubik’s Cube Speaker might be the best portable speaker ever created. This adorable little speaker measures only 3.5″ x 3.5″, and pays homage to one of the 80’s most classic toys. Unfortunately, its pieces can’t swivel around, so it doesn’t operate like a real Rubik’s Cube,

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    EA Line-up of Games for Wii just in Time for the Holidays

    If you crave – like I do, some really good Wii games, then you are in luck because thankfully EA is releasing a slew of Wii titles that will let us unlock the magic of that little white box again. Not only will they be fun but priced right as well, for economy worried consumers. […]