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    Wink Forces All Your Smart Home Gadgets to Get Along

    In what feels like no time at all, we’ve become inundated with smart home products. We’re now seeing app-controlled light bulbs, blinds, thermostats—just about every electronic home appliance is now Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected. Trouble is, if you go all-in on the connected home, that’s an awful lot of apps to navigate. The connected home […]

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    Egg Yolks Be Gone! Pluck Sucks the Yellow Away

    An egg yolk separater would make a great gift to the health nut in your life. In case you aren’t fond of the classic egg shell dive technique, Quirky is has brought us this fairly quirky product, the Pluck. Crack an egg into a bowl, place the Pluck just over the yellow yolk of artery […]

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    Quirky’s Perch is the Perfect Portable All-in-One Accessory for Mobile Devices

    The Quirky community has put their collective brainpower together to produce the Perch, a two part portable speaker and dock for use with iPhones, Android, smartphones, and multimedia devices. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth for playback. The integrated microphone is a great feature, separating it from the many portable speakers on the market.  The design […]

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    Quirky Space Bar is So Much More than a USB Hub

    We all could use more USB ports but usually they aren’t very steamlined or actually they take up more clutter on your desk than it’s worth. The Space Bar from Quirky is designed to house your desktop clutter while also providing additional USB ports for your gadgets. It also has a very apple-like design concept […]

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    Quirky – Cool Stuff We Can’t Take our Eyes Off Of

    Quirky is full of, well, Quirky products with great designs. I’m not sure what I love more, the awesome and unique little products, or the concept behind Quirky. At Quirky.com you can submit your own product ideas and the Quirky community will weigh in on your ideas. With enough feedback and interest you could have […]