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    This Ironic Floppy Disk Charges Phones, Has No Storage

    The old floppy disk had its responsibilities as a storage medium taken away a long time ago (well, by everyone except the government), so it’s only fitting that it’s coming back as something else entirely. ThumbsUp UK, home to all manner of kitsch, is now featuring an external battery pack made to look like a […]

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    Nintendo is Reviving the Power Line for the NES Classic Launch

    In July, we started getting hyped for a blast from Nintendo’s past. The company announced they would be re-releasing their old NES console, Nintendo’s ’80s home gaming breakthrough, in a smaller box preloaded with 30 NES games. Well, this Friday is the big launch day, and Nintendo is celebrating with more than just the console. […]

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    This Stunning Record Console Comes with Whiskey Glasses

    When you come at the retro market, you have to bring your A game. Sometimes, that means adding in details that have nothing to do with what you’re actually making. So it goes with the Luno EGB2, a vinyl record console so dedicated to the ’50s and ’60s that it comes with a set of […]

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    Teaser Suggests That Motorola is Bringing Back the RAZR

    There’s a lot to unpack with this story. I mean, there’s the apparently imminent return of the RAZR, Motorola’s iconic flip phone, but there’s also the fact that we’ve just witnessed a teaser trailer (complete with a total lack of info) about a phone. What a time to be alive? The Motorola RAZR V3 was […]

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    Get The 27-Inch iMac With An Old School Retro Apple Logo

    ColorWare is making a habit out of this retro Apple thing. After customizing the iPhone 6S and the MacBook Air with the old multicolored Apple logo, they’ve now gotten their hands on some 27″ iMacs. And, like before, you’ll want to act quickly if you want one for yourself. ColorWare, best known for letting you […]

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    VW Camper Van Makes a Comeback in the Kitchen

    The days of the fixed-up VW camper van being the primary way young people found themselves have receded into memory. You know what that means — it’s time to bring back that memory in the form of kitschy home goods! Volkswagen gave the OK to a retro toaster and kettle bearing the classic VW logo […]

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    Powered Geek Box November 2015 – Review and Coupon Code

    November’s Power Geek Box was a solid one, but definitely not one of its best to date. That said, inside we found an assortment of fun items from some popular geeky franchises, along with some retro inspired paraphernalia. Here’s what we found in November’s box: G.I Joe Cobra Command Logo T-Shirt Doctor Who Adipose Vinyl Fig […]

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    iPhone 6S Gets the Retro Apple Logo Treatment

    Last year, ColorWare hit us with a super limited run of 10 13″ MacBook Air laptops masquerading as old Apple IIe computers. Those 10 units were expensive at $3,500 each, but they still sold out in just four days. ColorWare, not one to leave money on the table, is bringing the Retro series back for […]

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    30 Essential Games to Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of NES

    If there’s a video game analogue to the Beatles appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show, it’s what happened 30 years ago on October 18 — the arrival of the Nintendo Entertainment System on store shelves in the United States. After debuting in Japan as the Famicom in 1983, Nintendo set about reviving the United States […]

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    Windows 3.0 Solitaire Inspired Deck of Cards is Freaking Brilliant

    Maybe we’re feeling nostalgic because Windows 95 just turned 20 years old, but this deck of cards inspired by the classic Windows 3.0 Solitaire game has us gushing over pixelated memories of the 90’s. That said, what took so long to come out with these cards!? Especially when you consider just how popular the game […]