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    Aiwa is Back From the Dead

    In what I can only assume is the culmination of a decade-long plot by Sony to milk Aiwa for brand nostalgia by killing it and resurrecting it nine years later, we have new Aiwa stuff! You might remember Aiwa as an electronics company big into audio equipment before business dried up and they were bought […]

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    The Flux Capacitor Wristwatch is a Smartwatch from the Future

    We are starting to get the feeling that ThinkGeek is obsessed with the Flux Capacitor. They recently made the Flux Capacitor into a portable car charger  and now they have decided to make it into a pretty sweet watch! Now this is a smartwatch! So if they remade Back to Future today, the Flux Capacitor […]

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    GOgroove BlueSYNC Makes Alarm Clocks Cool Again

    GOgroove packed just about every modern connectivity option into the TYM, their new alarm clock. Take all that and put it in a classic, wooden casing with a retro display, and you’ve got a decent crack at making an alarm clock interesting. The look of the alarm clock is very slick with it’s illuminated digital […]

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    MacBook Air Retro Sports the Apple Logo of Yesteryear

    After years of letting you paint your gadgets any way you choose, ColorWare is getting a little more creative, with new limited edition custom offerings. We first heard about this with their leopard-print Beats Pill Safari and, for some reason, a KitchenAid stand mixer. Next up is one that is sure to pull at the […]

  • TravelBoy Backpack


    Game Boy Inspired TravelBoy Backpack is Nostalgia for Your Back

    We love anything that reminds us of being a kid again and the latest backpack from ThinkGeek does just that.  Timely launched during Game boy’s 25th anniversary year –  Travelboy, a  Gameboy inspired backpack will hold your stuff and then some. We are talking several pouches and compartments to hide vinyl toys and of course […]

  • Jam Rewind


    Jam Rewind Makes Us Miss Our Cassette Tapes

    The Jam Rewind wireless portable speaker is taking us back to the days when rewinding was still a thing. What we’ve got here is your everyday portable wireless speaker made to look like a cassette tape. It’s not too much larger than a cassette tape, either—it’s pocketable too, well, if you have generous-sized pockets. The Jam […]

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    Why is Tetris So Addictive?

    Today, on the 30th birthday of the finest puzzle game to ever grace our planet, someone has an answer. That someone is Dr. Tom Stafford of Sheffield University, and he has some thoughts on why Tetris has enraptured so many people for decades. Well, first off, maybe it’s because Tetris is like a drug! A […]

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    Retro Inspired Radio Will Make You Think it’s 1975

    Few things are as proven – take modern technology, make it look a few decades old, and you have a winner. The QFX High Sensitive World Receiver Stereo (I think maybe they messed up the name, but I’m working with what I have) is just that – a speaker designed to look like an old […]

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    Samsung Giga Speaker is a ’90s Boombox on Steroids

    Samsung had a lot of big TV announcements this week, but they aren’t just focusing on the visual side of things. Samsung’s packing a few punches in audio this year, none bigger than their appropriately-named GIGA speaker system. Samsung has some speakers that are great when paired with the TV for some evening relaxation, but […]

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    This No. 2 Pencil is Actually a Stylus – Review

    When it comes to choosing a stylus there are dozens and dozens of choices for you. But none will feel as nostalgic as the No. 2 Pencil Stylus from Griffin. How many of us have fond memories from our school days, and that trusty No. 2 pencil that was always in our hand. From the […]

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    Jam Rewind Brings the 80’s Tape Cassette Back to Life

    Jam is taking a trip back to the ’80s with Jam Rewind, a portable Bluetooth speaker shaped like a cassette tape – and yeah, the cassette tape case is part of the good times, too. The speaker itself comes in the guise of a cassette tape, but the music coming out of it is going […]

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    What Happens When Instagram Meets a Floppy Disk?

    I’m going to be straight with you, I’m not sure how many of you actually remember floppy discs fondly. It probably depends a lot on whether or not you ever played The Oregon Trail on a 5.25”. Which should be everyone? I don’t know, I’m trying not to make assumptions. Anyway, I guess the floppy […]

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    Vintage Meets Modern with Latest Restoration Hardware Speaker

    Restoration Hardware is one of the few sellers that does retro right, either salvaging or drawing inspiration from antique artifacts and tweaking them for the modern age. The result this time is a speaker that looks ripped from the pre-TV age. Their Vintage Speaker, which comes in full-sized and mini versions, is inspired by radio […]

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    Travel As Mario Would with the Travel Boy Carry-on

    Packing and unpacking is no easy task, but if you are a traveling tech journalist or a geek at heart – then the Travel Boy Carry-On Luggage is a must have piece of traveling arsenal. The travel boy carry-on luggage easily fits all of your necessities. That includes lots of pockets and zippers for all […]