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    Robots Are Now Growing Mini Human Organs & Here’s Why It’s Good For Us, Even Though It’s Freaky

    Robots growing mini human organs seems just like the stuff of Science Fiction dreams. Well, it’s reality, and here’s why it’s good for us, even though it’s freaky! We can thank the University of Washington School of Medicine for this incredible development. “This is a new ‘secret weapon’ in our fight against disease,’ said Benjamin Freedman in a […]

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    Wowwee RoboMe Robot is a Wall-E Wannabe: Review

    It’s 2013, where’s all the robots? Wowwee’s RoboMe is a customizable robot for the kids, it can drive around the house and harness unlimited usability from an iPhone or iPod Touch. He stands just over a foot tall and rolls on 3 wheels. RoboMe has a loud personality and is full of sensors, games, and […]

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    Beam Takes Us One Step Closer to Total Recall (The Original)

    Over at the Suitable Technologies booth here at CES we had a full-on conversation with a representative….through the body of a 5’2″ robot. While we hope this won’t be the future of human interaction, the Beam robotic device happened to work perfectly for regular conversation and offers some fabulous real life use cases. Beam takes […]

  • Win the Karotz Smart Internet Rabbit for Easter!

    We have been eyeing the adorable Karotz for years – ever since it was first announced! In a world of Smart devices, the Karotz makes for one adorable Smart Rabbit Robotic companion. In particular, Karotz claims to be the world’s first intelligent internet companion. However, Karotz is actually a descendant of the Nabaztag internet-connected rabbits […]

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    Meet Robojelly, The Robotic Jellyfish

    Today in rad spy robot news, researchers at Virginia Tech and the University of Texas at Dallas have created a self-powered robotic jellyfish, dubbed Robojelly. That name is by far the least creative part of this project.

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    Rover AC13 WiFi Vehicle with Video! is Like an RC Spy Cam

    No this isn’t a new robotic vacuum cleaner. Instead, get ready to play with your iPod, iPhone or iPad even more this year. Brookstone is exclusively selling the just released Rover AC13 Wi-­‐Fi Vehicle with Video! Think of the Rover AC13 as the crazy love child of a spy cam and a robot.  You can […]

  • Mr. Roboto USB Hub is Domo Arigato

    The IMIXID MR. ROBOTO Hub isn’t your ordinary USB hub. This adorable robot hides several USB ports on his chest and back side. Plus, you can wind him up and watch him walk away with all your USB keys and peripheral – although he likely wont get very far. The IMIXID MR. ROBOTO Hub comes […]

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    Tandars Interactive Pet – The Next Furby?

    Furby is a thing of the past and it seems like Tandars’ new Interactive Pet monkey might just fill the void. This cute and cuddly wildlife pet has some very realistic movements and interacts with children and other Tandars with lifelike expressions. They have sensors that change their mood depending on how you play with […]

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    Talking Robo Personal Robot Teaches You New Languages

    Learning a language is something a lot of us want to get around to doing, but software like Rosetta Stone and regular old books are boring to use. Instead, how about having a robot teach you a new language? Talking Robo is a personal robot that can teach you to speak a new language, and […]

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    Ugobe Pleo Review

    When the Pleo was released back in December of 07′ I was curious to see if this robotic dinosaur lived up to all the hype. Was is it truly intuitive with humans and could it somehow become another member of your family? While originally marketed with kids in mind, Pleo became the pet for adults […]

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    CES 2008: iRobot Talks About the Secret to Making Women Happy

    Pretty much everyone is familiar with the Roomba, the intelligent vacuum cleaner that does all of the work for you. We can’t say that we’ve ever been very interested in Robotics in the past, but that is because we’ve been skeptical about whether or not the performance is really there yet. Yesterday, we got to […]