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    Samsung Connect Home Review

    You don’t typically think of Wi-Fi routers when you think of Samsung’s product catalog, but considering all of the connected devices Samsung has created for the home, it certainly makes sense. The Samsung Connect Home is more than just a router, though — it’s a smart Wi-Fi system, Wi-Fi router, and SmartThings hub all in […]

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    Netgear Shrinks Their Orbi Wi-Fi System Down to Range Extender Size

    When Netgear debuted their Orbi system of Wi-Fi routers last August, they were the first out with something more than just a mesh network. Mesh networks (and Orbi) use multiple routers placed throughout a home or office to create a stronger network that eliminates dead zones and can better handle the load of many connected […]

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    Luma Home Wi-Fi Router System Review

    How do you fix Wi-Fi dead zones? Mesh networks! These Wi-Fi systems, made up of multiple wireless routers spread throughout the home, have become popular in the last few years. Before this new crop, you could get little devices called range extenders to help, but they weren’t always that powerful, were a pain to set up, and […]

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    Plume Brings Wi-Fi Optimization to the Home

    The hottest new problem the tech industry is trying to fix doesn’t sound interesting, but it can make using the internet at home a much more pleasant experience. The problem? Routers! Routers can only route so much data so fast, and thanks to the proliferation of laptops, desktops, tablets, phones, and now smart home devices, […]

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    Google Announces Their Own Wi-Fi Router and a Smart Home Speaker

    Google is gearing up to claim a big chunk of the smart home market. At their Pixel launch event today, the company also announced Google WiFi and Google Home, a router and smart home speaker. The router can be paired up with other units to create a mesh network, while the smart home speaker will […]

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    Netgear Orbi is a Dynamic Home Router Duo That Eliminates Dead Zones

    Dead zones are the worst. Home Wi-Fi routers have been getting faster and stronger, but still haven’t gotten to the point where your cozy corner nook in the back end of the house gets solid reception. Range extenders help, but they can be a pain to set up. Earlier this year, we saw Securifi add […]

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    The Almond 3 Router Wants To Be Your Smart Home Hub and Range Extender

    Routers aren’t the most exciting devices, but a few companies have been trying to change that. Luma and OnHub (from TP-Link) have been trying to make attractive routers that can stand as decorative pieces, instead of needing to be hidden. Securifi’s Almond 3 doesn’t look nearly as attractive as those other routers, but what it […]

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    Buffalo Announces BuffaloLink and Easiest Ever Router UI

    Buffalo gets it. NAS drives and advanced routers aren’t technically for the faint-of-heart. The basic features are easy enough, but to take advantage of the best features can be like rocket science to most. Buffalo has just announced BuffaloLink, a cloud service for easily accessing your home NAS data from anywhere in the world, and they […]