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    Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Covers Are Coming

    Samsung’s ingenious flip covers, first sold for the Galaxy Note, are now heading for the Galaxy S3. For those who haven’t checked out the similar cases for the Note, these flip covers keep the screen protected without adding too much unnecessary bulk.

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    Hands-on with Samsung’s SMART NX1000, NX20 and NX210 Cameras

    Samsung has introduced three new SMART cameras, the NX1000, NX20 and NX210. These new mirrorless interchangeable-lens compact cameras promise DSLR quality photo and video, combined with some cutting edge SMART features. For starters, all of the cameras pack in built-in Wi-Fi for sharing photos and uploading videos, making it instant and seamless. Using the Samsung SMART […]

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    Samsung to Open Up Retail Store in Canada – Eh!

    Samsung’s been on a tear during the past few years, quickly becoming one of the most prominent consumer technology corporations in the world. Now, they’re hungering for new markets, and Canada is one of them. The Metropolis in Metrotown in Burnaby, British Columbia will soon see the first Samsung retail store in Canada, slated to […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S III – What You Need to Know

    Samsung has finally dropped its major entry into the 2012 smartphone market, and, at least for now, it appears to be worthy of the Galaxy name. The Galaxy S III might be a little big for some, but it’s packing in loads of new features, some of which manage to do something very difficult – […]

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    Hands on with the Samsung DA-E750 Audio Dock

    Samsung has just upped the ante when it comes to audio docks with the release of the Samsung DA-E750. This new premium audio dock not only looks impressive, but sounds scrumptious. The DA-E750 takes the best of both past and present audio technologies and incorporates it into a beautiful box that boasts  vacuum tube amplifiers […]

  • Win the Samsung Galaxy Note for Spring Break!

    Whether you’re lounging by the pool, taking a stroll on the beach, or just snapping photos with your friends to capture fun memories, AT&T has one of the largest selections of smartphones that you can add to your packing list before you hit the road for Spring Break. Devices that can withstand the elements of […]

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    Samsung Rugby Smart is the Most Rugged Smartphone Ever

    None of us can live without our smartphone, but sometimes they are way too difficult to live with because they are so fragile! Fortunately the new Samsung Rugby Smart is a smartphone that is ready to withstand the elements. The Rugby Smart is an Android 2.3 phone thats packs in a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S Blazes Into T-Mobile Stores in March

    The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G – the newest in Samsung’s interminable line of long-named smartphones – is hitting T-Mobile stores in March of this year. Don’t get too excited, though – there’s a reason Samsung got this announcement out of the way before Mobile World Congress next week.

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    Samsung Smart TV Snags HBO GO App

    As of today, Samsung Smart TV owners who are also cable subscribers can access all episodes of HBO shows on demand using the HBO GO App. Well, some owners can, at least.

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    Samsung Galaxy Note Goes on Pre-order at AT&T for $299

    We have been impatiently waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note to land in the U.S.A. ever since we first spotted it at IFA in Berlin last September. Then a few weeks ago at CES Samsung finally talked about bringing it to the U.S. via AT&T. Well the Samsung Galaxy Note has officially landed at AT&T, […]

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    Samsung Unveils Super OLED TV

    If you’ve ever seen a smartphone with an OLED display, you’d have to agree it’s one of the sharpest images, with most vibrant colors, and blackest blacks. Scaling up the beautiful 3″ OLED screen seemed like it was never going to happen until now. Samsung has just unveiled their amazingly gorgeous 55 inch Super OLED […]

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    Samsung Unveils and Redefines Smart TV

    Until now, “Smart TV” meant an Internet-capable TV with some apps. Here, at CES 2012, Samsung has just redesigned the concept with the 2012 Smart TVs. They explain it as “TVs that recognize and respond to you, connect your family in and out of the home, and offer amazing new content options personalized to your […]

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    Sony Debuts Crystal LED Prototype

    Move over plasma and LCD, Sony’s Crystal LED might soon be making waves. The Sony Crystal LED is just a prototype and a proof-of-concept, but the beauty, accuracy, and crispness of the image is very real. A lot of TVs have use a feature called “local dimming” where areas of the TV can dim independently […]

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    Samsung InTouch Transforms Your Decrepit HDTV into a Smart TV

    Jealous that all your friends have a smarter TV than you? Well now you can take your HDTV from dumbo to nerd with this new add-on from Samsung called the InTouch Camera System. Looking more like Kinect, rather than a hidden brain for your TV,  it bridges the gap between those who don’t have a […]