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    Win the Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone!

    Just in time for the holidays, we’re giving away the Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone for AT&T. What does the Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone have to do with Samsung’s new Smart TVs? Plenty! For starters, both gadgets are cutting edge, app driven, and both pack in brilliant LED-based displays – the kind that Samsung […]

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    New Study Shows Smart TVs are Taking Over

    Cutting edge LED televisions like the Samsung Smart TV series are looking a lot like the future, according to a report from IC Insights. Demand for LED-backlit Smart TVs is set to increase dramatically next year, satisfying the desire for ease of access to all kinds of media, and freedom from cable bills thanks to […]

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    Hyundai Veloster 2012 Gets Remixed with Xbox Kinect and Smart TVs

    Hyundai, until recently hasn’t been known for being the cool hipster car but last night that all changed when three customized Velosters were revealed at the grand opening of RE:MIX Lab, a multi-city festival of art, music, fashion, technology, culture and design. The Hyundai Veloster is a slick looking piece of machinery that not only […]

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    Samsung Smart TV Apps Passes 10 Million Download Mark

    People must really love their Samsung Smart TV Apps!  Thanks to those who just can’t live without apps on their phone or on their TV’s , Samsung’s ten millionth app from the Samsung Apps TV service has been downloaded. The app store opened for business in February of last year, and currently enjoys an average […]

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    Father’s Day Gift Guide! Win a Motorola Atrix Smartphone

    It’s almost June, and you know what that means. The holiday of the month this time is Father’s Day, which makes things easier for the technology-minded, because if there is one thing that dad loves, it’s a sweet new gadget that he can play with for hours while mom, regretful for having any part in […]

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    Samsung Debuts World’s Largest 75″ Smart TV with 3D

    So how much smarter can the Samsung Smart TV get? Well how about 75 inches more smart. That might even intimidate the likes of Stephen Hawking with that much intelligence in one big box. But will this 75″ telly be popping up in a Best Buy anytime soon? No, sadly. The 75” D9500 (Smart TV) […]

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    8 Apps That Transform a Smart TV into a Super TV

    Now that smart TVs are bringing the Internet to the living room, it’s time to take a look at the backbone of the smart TV’s Internet offerings–the apps. Much like smartphone apps, smart TV apps in many ways define the user experience, constituting half of what the TV will be used for (the other half, […]

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    3D TV is Dead, Long Live the Smart TV

    By now, you’ve probably heard the term Smart TV bandied about once or twice. Those dedicated to the world of TV tech will no doubt be familiar, but what about the rest of us? What, exactly, are these Smart TVs? Well, do you know what a smartphone is? A good starting point to understanding Smart […]