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    SanDisk Shows Off the World’s First 1TB SD Card

    Western Digital has unveiled the world’s first 1TB SDXC card at Photokina 2016. Remember when a 64MB SD card seemed gigantic? Well SanDisk unveiled the world’s first 64MB SD card in 2000. And back at Photokina 2014, they unveiled the 512GB SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Memory Card. And if you’re wondering why anyone would […]

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    SanDisk Announces a 256 GB microSDXC Card

    SanDisk lit up MWC Barcelona with the fastest microSDXC card in the world — the Extreme Pro microSDXC UHS-II, capable of transfer speeds up to 275 MB/s. The cards they’re announcing at MWC Shanghai this week aren’t quite as speedy, but they have greater capacities, cramming a pretty incredible 256 GB of storage onto one card. The […]

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    SanDisk Shows Off World’s Fast Fastest MicroSD Card

    Last year, a company called Microdia promised a microSD card with a 300 MB/s transfer speed, which would have made it the fastest card on the market by far. Well, it looks like they didn’t deliver, so that fastest title was up for grabs again. Not anymore, with SanDisk, a company known for delivering, showing […]

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    SanDisk Ultra II Internal SSD Review

    While new processors and graphics cards get most of the attention in the world of computer components, memory — both storage and RAM — can be what makes or breaks a computer’s performance, especially for older machines. Current and even years-old CPUs and GPUs are often much more powerful than necessary for the average user, […]

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    SanDisk’s Extreme Portable SSD Can Be Dropped and Drowned

    While Samsung is going for tiny with their line of portable SSDs, SanDisk is emphasizing ruggedness. Their new SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable SSD is built to survive extremes while featuring most of the premium features usually found in external SSDs — but not quite all of them. The Extreme 510 is a USB 3.0 drive, […]

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    SanDisk Crams 128 GB Onto New MicroSDXC Card

    SanDisk is boasting that their new 128 GB microSDXC card has 1,000 times the amount of storage space of the very first microSD cards. It takes a few moments of reflection to realize how truly amazing that is, considering just how small those microSD cards actually are. But, it’s happened – SanDisk has managed to […]

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    SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive and Wireless Media Drive Review

    The SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive and Wireless Media Drive are nearly the same device, save for a few differences. The point is the same for both, anyway – pocket-sized storage devices with built-in Wi-Fi that can stream content to multiple devices simultaneously, while making it easy to transfer files from one device to another. In […]

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    SanDisk 8GB Extreme SDHC Review

    Did you know not all SD cards are created equal? Make yourself an educated consumer by understanding the differences. That $10 deal you found for an SD card may not actually be such a “deal”. It was not until I began using a 8gb SanDisk Extreme SDHC card that I realized there’s such an extreme […]

  • SanDisk’s G3 SSD is Destined to be a Worthy PC Upgrade

    From day one there has been a lot of hype surrounding Solid State Drives. Now that pricing on these drives have dropped tremendously, they’re becoming a worthwhile upgrade to us average consumers. There are two main advantages to consider with SSDs 1. Durability. They can take drops and hits better than a traditional hard drive, […]

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    SanDisk slotRadio Review

    The new SanDisk slotRadio is an unusual audio player. For just under $100 you get an MP3 player that comes bundled with a slotRadio microSD card that packs in 1000 songs. This player isn’t really an iPod competitor, it’s not about packing in the latest technology and features, but rather it’s all about value for […]

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    GE DECT 6.0 PhotoPhone Review

    Digital picture frames are so typical these days. No design is really out of the box and they basically do all the same things, the main differences between any of them would be switchable frame plates, larger internal memory, or the ability to also play MP3s. So it was nice to get a chance to […]

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    SanDisk Intros slotMusic Cards & Players Personalized by Artists

    SanDisk new SlotMusic Cards and slotMusic Players seem like an obvious progression in the world of digital music, yet SanDisk is the first to come out with these new concepts. SlotMusic Cards are microSD cards that come preloaded with DRM-free MP3s from music artists. The cards cost just $14.99 – comparable to a CD album, […]