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  • HK for President   Sign


    Hello Kitty is Running for President

    Finally, in the eleventh hour, a candidate we can get behind. Not content to win just one election this year, Hello Kitty is announcing her candidacy for president (she’s old enough!) as the Friendship Party candidate — top that, Peace and Freedom Party! Sanrio is putting forth the cutest of all Manchurian candidates (day one abolition […]

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    Sanrio Has Come Out With Their Own Version of Tinder

    Want a guy who can debate the merits of Sanrio characters competently enough to have put forth an educated vote in the election of the year? I’m not saying he’s not out there, but just being realistic, he’s going to be hard to find. Sanrio is sympathetic to this plight, and offers the next best […]

  • Softlips Hello Kitty (PRNewsFoto/The Mentholatum Company)


    Hello Kitty Now Has Her Own Official Lip Balm

    Well, you’re going to need to throw some lip balm into your purse anyway, so you might as well make sure it’s cute. Sanrio and Softlips have gotten together to create a limited edition line of Hello Kitty lip balm, and it’s launching this summer. The Softlips Cube 5-in-1 Lip Care will get a Hello […]