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    Sony Unleashes the Fastest SD Cards on the Market Yet

    As is tradition come time for Mobile World Congress, a new speed king is being crowned in the kingdom of SD cards. Last year, SanDisk impressed with a microSD card boasting 275 MB/s transfer speeds, but they’re being topped this year by Sony. Sony’s new SF-G series SD cards are capable of up to 300 […]

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    Samsung Ups the Ante on SD Cards

    A new line of SD cards isn’t exactly light-the-world-on-fire news, but Samsung thinks they have offerings that will manage to impress nonetheless. The new SD and Micro SD cards are part of the company’s High Speed and Plus Extreme Speed Series, and range from 4 GB to 32 GB in storage space. You can also […]

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    It’s Raining Samsung SD Cards! Amen! – From Space

    A few months back, Samsung reached out to the public to submit photos and videos which were then transferred on to 100 Samsung SD cards. These memory cards were attached to paper planes and sent up to space using a helium balloon. So if you manage to find one of these cards, Samsung is

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    GE DECT 6.0 PhotoPhone Review

    Digital picture frames are so typical these days. No design is really out of the box and they basically do all the same things, the main differences between any of them would be switchable frame plates, larger internal memory, or the ability to also play MP3s. So it was nice to get a chance to […]

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    SanDisk Intros slotMusic Cards & Players Personalized by Artists

    SanDisk new SlotMusic Cards and slotMusic Players seem like an obvious progression in the world of digital music, yet SanDisk is the first to come out with these new concepts. SlotMusic Cards are microSD cards that come preloaded with DRM-free MP3s from music artists. The cards cost just $14.99 – comparable to a CD album, […]