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    Things Finally Get Hairy in the Inhumans SDCC Trailer

    Marvel’s Inhumans, the upcoming TV show that will debut in IMAX theaters in September, has gotten off to a rocky promotional start. It’s hard to do special effects-heavy superpowers on a TV budget, and with much of the initial promo footage focusing on family drama between the main characters, fans were left wondering what they could […]

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    Hello Kitty and Pac-Man are Teaming Up for Merch and Games

    Hello Kitty’s been busy lately! She’s been finding her way onto baseball teams, getting into high-fashion sunglasses, and helping everyone get into some super cute, super comfy loungewear. And, you had to know that with San Diego Comic-Con happening this week, she wouldn’t be sitting idle. Turns out, she’s found the perfect friend — what better […]