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    Here Are All the Data Breaches From the Past Week That You Need to Know About

    How vulnerable is the information you provide to companies? Well, even assuming they’re not just selling it on to third parties anyway, consider the spate of companies experiencing data breaches this week — instead of the Googles and Facebooks of the world, they’re companies you probably wouldn’t immediately think of when it comes to worrying about […]

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    Fixes for Newly Discovered CPU Security Flaws Could Slow Down Majority of Computers Made in the Past Decade

    The next time you update your Mac or PC, you might notice your computer running a lot slower — and it won’t be a mistake. Security researchers have discovered two security exploits made possible by the way operating systems like MacOS and Windows interact with CPUs from Intel, ARM, and AMD. Patches are expected shortly, but […]

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    Apple Keeps Logs of Phone Numbers Entered for Use With iMessage

    Apple’s sterling reputation on privacy has taken a small hit this week, with news getting out that the company keeps 30-day logs of phone numbers that users enter for use with iMessage. As reported by The Intercept, the logs show which phone numbers have been used with the messaging app, regardless of whether or not any messages […]

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    LockSmart Mini Keyless Bluetooth Padlock Review

    Do you prefer to rely on your smartphone for anything and everything? With the LockSmart Mini, one fewer thing is going into your pocket — a padlock key. It’s one of the many Bluetooth padlocks to hit store shelves in the past few years, and it’s a bit more handy than you’d think at first blush. […]

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    BeLuvv Guardian is a Child Safety Leash with App Alerts

    If you’re tired of waking up in a cold sweat because you had the lost kid in the mall nightmare for the umpteenth time, you should know there are tons of child trackers on the market now. And they are so, so much more socially acceptable than child leashes. So much more. The newest one, […]

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    Canary Will Sing Like a Bird If an Intruder Enters Your Home

    Canary is aiming to be the next evolutionary step in home security – one that doesn’t break the bank and, even better, doesn’t require a lengthy installation process. Instead, it’s just a small tower absolutely packed to the brim with sensors. An HD camera with night vision and a wide angle lens can watch over […]

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    HGTV Smart Home 2013 Debuts with ADT Pulse Lighting the Way

    We’ll be the first to admit that we’re a crazy bunch of HGTV addicts. Between Property Brothers, and House Hunters International, that channel has us glued. And this year, HGTV’s new Smart Home has us more captivated then ever before. That is because the dream home that HGTV is giving away, is right up our […]

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    Dropcam HD Makes Sure Someone is Always Watching You [Review]

    We reviewed the original Dropcam a few years back. Since then, Dropcam has become our go to system for keeping an eye on our property while we’re away from home. As a matter of fact, we have tried out several other competing Wi-Fi video monitoring cameras since then, but none come close to Dropcam for its […]

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    SimpliSafe 2 Review

    When you think of alarm systems, you usually think of professional installation. Sure, there are plenty of DIY home security systems out there, but most fall short of the ones with professional installation and service plans. But, alarm systems from the likes of ADT or Protect America are pricey. There are equipment and installation costs, […]

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    iZON Remote Room Monitor Review

    The iZON Remote Room Monitor is totally unlike the traditional complex surveillance cameras for the home that are out there. Instead, it’s designed to be a sophisticated and easy to use way to keep an eye on your home remotely. Furthermore, besides for its chic and very minimalist design, the iZON Remote Room Monitor is […]

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    Logitech Alert 750i Master System Review

    Setting up your own camera security system has really never been easier! You could easily spend thousands on a security camera system for your home or office, and it wouldn’t offer all of the easy-to-use features that the Logitech Alert 750i Master System does. Motion-triggered recording, automatic email alerts, audio recording, easy expandability, PC-free recording, […]

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    India BlackBerry Ban Gets Pushed Off by 60 Days

    It hasn’t been the greatest summer for BlackBerry when it comes to their global enterprises. First the UAE outlawed the use of BlackBerry’s in their country while citing security concerns. Then India’s government came along and said that its own security services would ban BlackBerry devices in India if they were not able to monitor […]

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    Spark Nano GPS Tracker is Small Enough to Fit in Your Shoe

    The Spark Nano GPS Tracker from Brickhouse Security looks more like a toy than a powerful GPS Tracker. Claiming to be one of the smallest and lightweight GPS Trackers out today, it can easily slip into a  pocketbook, jacket pocket, or any discreet place so you can track someone or something. The sensitivity of the […]

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    Hands on with Resident Evil 5

    We got a chance to spend a little time yesterday with the latest installment of Resident Evil 5 from Capcom. Many will assume its the same thing all over again. Just another polished up release that features better graphics and more zombies to kill. However you would be wrong. Yes the basics are all there, […]