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    MusicSkins for iPhone 4 Review

    Last year we reviewed MusicSkins for the MacBook Pro. MusicSkins offers a large selection of pop culture inspired skins  for all different types of popular gadgets. For example, their skin selection includes designs from the Beatles, Taylor Swift, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Ed Hardy, Black Eyed Peas, Domo, Madonna and many other popular artists as […]

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    Hu2 Vinyl Stickers are For Your Desk Not Laptop

    Even though we are adults that doesn’t mean we stop putting stickers on things we like. The fact is that we just don’t necessarily call them stickers anymore when we get older, instead they are called ‘Skins’ or ‘Decals.’ So instead of just staying on the laptops and cellphones, Hu2 is making cute vinyl stickers […]

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    GelaSkins for the iPhone and Macbook Review

    What makes GelaSkins different than other companies offering skins for your gadgets? Gelaskins collection is made up of exclusive art by unique artists – you’re not going to find something ordinary like a leopard print or a plain solid color or even a pop icon like Homer Simpson. Instead GelaSkins offers a selection of unique […]