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    Incipio Keeps Growing, Acquires Skullcandy for $177 Million

    Incipio has been making big moves lately. Last year they acquired Incase, and this week they’re adding another big lifestyle brand to their portfolio — Skullcandy. Incipio announced today that they’ve acquired the headphone brand for $177 million. The cash purchase is not Incipio’s first foray into audio — they also own Braven and Astro Gaming, which […]

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    Skullcandy Grind Wireless Headphones Review

    Wires. They’re the worst, right? Especially if, like me, you’re constantly moving. They get caught on anything and everything, ripped out, frayed, and inevitably twisted into a bird’s nest of a knot. Bluetooth wireless headphones allowed us to untether ourselves from our devices over a decade ago, but they were expensive, pairing was often unreliable, […]

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    Skullcandy Introduces Headphones for Women

    Skullcandy is following in the footsteps of many before them, and rolling out their very own line of headphones designed specifically for women. We’ve seen this idea brought to life in a variety of ways, from just slapping pink and purple onto a set of headphones to smart fashion accessories disguised as headbands. So, what’s […]

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    Skullcandy Crusher Over-Ear Headphones Review – Sweet Audio for Under $99

    We have to hand it to Skullcandy, they know how to make a good looking pair of headphones. Especially, ones that are so well branded with skulls. Skullcandy’s latest set of cans are the Skullcandy Crushers… intimidating, right? Crushers are over-ear headphones with a built-in amplifier and adjustable bass that will induce skull-rattling. The Skullcandy […]

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    Skullcandy Aviator Edit Custom Headphones Review

    Have you been waiting for a pair of headphones that best suits your colorful persona? Stop waiting and customize your own Skullcandy Aviators with the Skullcandy Edit package. There’s a multitude of color options to choose from for the headband, frame, ear cups, and cord. Two weeks after customization you can be rocking out with […]

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    Skullcandy Kidrobot Mix Master Headphones Come With a 3″ Dummy

    It looks like the Kidrobot is getting into the branding game. Just recently they put their imagery on Swatch watches and now they have teamed up with Skullcandy to create the Kidrobot Mix Master over-ear headphones. These pricey headphones are all black and are adorned with a kidrobot pattern. The headphones are completely collapsible for […]

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    Skullcandy Fix In-Ear Headphones Review

    Hate earbuds that fall out of your ears? Skullcandy has a Fix for this, literally. The new SkullCandy Fix In-Ear headphones use a patent-pending ear bud design engineered to stay snugly in the ear of even the most active users. The Fix earbuds also feature an in-line microphone with audio control buttons for iOS, BlackBerry, […]