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    Fitbit Charge HR Review

    By now, most people recognize the Fitbit brand. They built a strong name for themselves in the wearable market for fitness and exercise tracking. They took it to the next level with the Fitbit Surge superwatch, but they also recently released a more moderate tracking device: the Fitbit Charge HR. The Charge HR is an […]

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    The Apple Watch is Sold Out, For Some Reason

    Well, the Apple Watch is out, but not really, because now it’s sold out, as per usual for Apple products. According to 9 to 5 Mac, all models of the Apple Watch are now sold out, despite our own initial misgivings and some of the softest negative reviews the tech world has ever seen. But, […]

  • moff


    Moff is a Smart Slap Bracelet with Sound Effects

    Every year, we see something at the North American International Toy Fair that we want just as badly as the kids do. Alright, alright, that actually describes just about everything at the Toy Fair. But this year, we have to give a special mention to the Moff smart bracelet, a simple toy that really does […]

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    Vibe Band is Finally a Smartwatch that Women Will Want to Wear

    Smartwatch makers still haven’t quite mastered the art of making devices that work for women. For the most part, that’s because they’re too big, despite just about every smartwatch being marketed as fashionable these days. But, it looks like we might have a winner from an unlikely source—Lenovo. The Vibe Band is slim, elegant, functional, […]

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    The Flux Capacitor Wristwatch is a Smartwatch from the Future

    We are starting to get the feeling that ThinkGeek is obsessed with the Flux Capacitor. They recently made the Flux Capacitor into a portable car charger  and now they have decided to make it into a pretty sweet watch! Now this is a smartwatch! So if they remade Back to Future today, the Flux Capacitor […]

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    Motorola Announces New Watch Bands and Faces for the Moto 360

    The wide variety of watch bands we were promised for the Moto 360 are now on their way. Along with new bands that the Moto 360 can be purchased with, Motorola has announced a whole slew of standalone bands, along with new downloadable watch faces and (another) new fitness tracking app. As of today, the […]

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    The Burg 16A is the Latest Standalone Smartwatch

    They’re going to be coming out left and right now. Following the Samsung Gear S likely comes a deluge of standalone smartwatches that don’t require Bluetooth pairing with a smartphone. The Burg 16A is one such device, which has its own SIM card slot, making it an honest-to-goodness wrist phone. The Burg 16A comes from […]

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    Apple Watch Hands-on

    After years (and years) worth of rumors, Apple finally announced their first smartwatch today. It’s called the Apple Watch, and it sure is feature-rich, we’ll give it that. There are a lot of features to run down with the Apple Watch, far more than any other wearable device we’ve seen thus far. We’re not convinced […]

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    Asus Zen Watch Hands-on

    The Asus ZenWatch is Asus’ first wearable device, and it’s looking like a nice alternative to a lot of first party wearables that we’ve seen announced recently. Well, technically, the ZenWatch is also a first party wearable, because Asus makes smartphones. But, you know. It’s hard, the smartphone game. The ZenWatch runs Android Wear, and […]

  • omate


    Omate X is a Solid Attempt at a Fashionable Smartwatch

    If we’re being honest, Smartwatches are a bit of a hard sell. You’re shelling out good money for something that makes you not have to reach in your pocket, which isn’t all that intriguing. But, put that in a fashionable wristwatch that we’d wear anyway, smart device or no? Hey, might as well grab one. […]

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    VTech Debuts its First Smartwatch, the Kidizoom

    Whenever adults get new toys, the kids have to get theirs soon after. The smartwatch is now headed to kids’ wrists with the VTech Kidizoom, a camera watch perfect for making sure your kids can spy on you. Wait, this is supposed to be a good thing, right? Smartwatch might be a strong word for […]

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    Withings Activité is the Rolex of Wearables

    Withings may have just shown everyone who is boss when it comes to smart timepieces. But first we need to give credit where it’s due – to that effect, Withings has been in the “smart” game for some time now. They were actually creating smart health devices before there was Fitbit and every other Joe […]

  • vtech


    Kidizoom is the First Smart Watch For Kids

    It’s strange — it still feels like we’re in this space where smart watches haven’t quite become a thing — perhaps because they by and large haven’t turned out to be standalone devices. Well, some of the ambiguity is gone, now — if there are kids versions coming out, then it’s safe to say the […]

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    G-Shock Bluetooth GBX6900B Review – A Very Smart and Tough Watch

    G-Shock watches have been a classic timepiece for years now. They’re renowned for their durability and capability, especially in extreme sports. This year G-Shock had two big announcements, the first, a metal version of the iconic design, the next was the one that caught our attention: bluetooth. There’s now a version of G-Shock’s 6900 that […]