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    The New Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Features Women’s Health Tracking

    In December 2016, one of the pioneers of the modern smartwatch ceased to exist. Pebble, once one of the greatest Kickstarter success stories, closed up shop, selling off some of their technology and intellectual property to Fitbit. It made sense for Fitbit — while their fitness trackers and bands have stuck, they haven’t managed to produce […]

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    The Apple Watch Series 3 Can Make Calls Without Needing an iPhone

    The big news from Apple’s event yesterday was no doubt the announcement of the high-end iPhone X alongside the iPhone 8, but Apple had a bit to say about the Apple Watch, too. Funny enough, right alongside the most expensive, advanced iPhone ever was a smartwatch that doesn’t need it — the new Apple Watch Series […]

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    Louis Vuitton Now Has Their Own Android Wear Smartwatch

    Tales of people abandoning smartwatches as more trouble than they’re worth abound — they’ve become yet another way we get bombarded with notifications, and too often not much else. Who else but Louis Vuitton to come in and save the day? Saving the day might be too strong, but the Tambour Horizon smartwatch does at least […]

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    Armani Now Has Their Own Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatch

    Earlier this year, we learned about Fossil’s big plans for wearables — over 300 models to be released this year alone. One of the many fashion brands they’re working with is Armani, and they’re finally ready to announce their Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch. In partnership with singer Shawn Mendes, Armani announced the watch over the weekend […]

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    Huawei Watch 2 Review

    Early last year I checked out the Huawei Watch. It was Huawei’s debut smartwatch, and the Chinese company went for style, using metal builds with colors like gold to try to create a smartwatch that would actually look good with a nice outfit. I wasn’t totally convinced. Part of that was because of Android Wear, […]

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    The Huawei Watch 2 is Available in the United States Starting Today

    When Huawei unveiled their new flagship P10 smartphone at Mobile World Congress, they also showed off their latest smartwatch — the Huawei Watch 2. While the P10 is the usual slight upgrade, the Huawei Watch 2 represents a pretty big departure from the original, moving from something fashion-focused to a fitness-first wearable. Historically, Huawei hasn’t […]

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    ZTE Quartz is a Super Cheap AndroidWear 2.0 Smartwatch with 4G

    A big complaint about smartwatches thus far is that without a smartphone, they aren’t very useful. That’s an especially big deal for runners who don’t want to be weighed down by a smartphone, but it’s also an issue for anyone who might want to rely on their phone a little less. That’s why we’ve seen […]

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    Fossil is Releasing Over 300 Smartwatches and Hybrid Watches in 2017

    Most companies release one updated smartwatch every year and call it a day. Fossil isn’t one of them. Since they got on board with this generation of smartwatches, Fossil has looked at the smartwatch as a platform, working out the hardware part before handing it over to fashion brands to figure out the design. They’re […]

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    Intel and Tag Heuer Team Up for a Fancy New Modular Smartwatch

    Android Wear 2.0 has finally arrived, and with it, we’re starting to see a slow trickle of updated smartwatches. With smartwatches maybe not doing so hot, the lack of enthusiasm might not be too surprising. But, Intel’s enthusiasm hasn’t waned, and neither has Tag Heuer’s — the latter is updating their Tag Heuer Connected watch with […]

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    The Huawei P10 Has a Skittles Bag’s Worth of Color Options

    Most premium Android phones are more or less the same these days. For the past couple years, phone makers have been trying to find differentiation anywhere they can — battery size, camera quality, clever uses for the fingerprint sensor, and whatever else. Well, the Huawei P10 announced this weekend at Mobile World Congress has another idea — […]

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    Fitbit Buys Up Parts of Pebble, Upcoming Smartwatches Cancelled

    Pebble, the smartwatch company that rose to prominence as a Kickstarter success story in 2012, is no more. After weeks of increased speculation of a Fitbit buyout, both companies are confirming that Fitbit will acquire some of Pebble’s staff and intellectual property, discontinuing their product lines. All of the new Pebble products introduced in the […]

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    Smartwatch Sales Declined By Over 50 Percent Last Quarter Compared to This Time Last Year

    Despite years of predictions that the smartwatch market was primed for explosive growth, the devices simply haven’t taken off in the way many analysts expected. Things didn’t get any better over the last few months, either — according to an IDC report, smartwatch sales decreased 51.6 percent last quarter year over year, with estimated Apple Watch […]

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    Misfit Phase is a Fashionable Analog Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker

    Since they’ve been in fitness tracking, Misfit has always been keen on making their gadgets not look like gadgets. The Misfit Shine is a circular tracker with no display, using a ring of LED lights for goal tracking while recording data and syncing to their app. This week, they’re getting into smartwatches in a similar […]